London Marathon 2014

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Sports Luxe
-London Marathon 2014-

It was marathon madness in London today! Every year I’m inspired by the thousands of people that run for such amazing causes. So to pay a little homage to the runners I thought I’d do a fashion spin on it and talk about the sport luxe trend.

Marc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2014

Its the trend thats keeps on going and if anything is going to get me to exercise its knowing I’ve got an outfit thats ‘fit’ for the occasion.

We’ve seen it everywhere, on every runway on every up and coming fashionista. 

Its official Lycra and Trainers are no longer just for the gym!


Tennis skirts and cricket jumpers tick the sports luxe box perfectly.

Cara D wearing trainers with Chanel bridal couture S/S 2014 

Shop shout out to the new Lululemon store in Covent Garden. The first Uk store landed just 3 weeks ago and has already proved a hit with the gym bunnies amongst us.

Lululemon UK Flagship 19-20 Long Acre, Covent Garden

Beautiful gym and specialist yoga gear all under one roof and not only is it all made from high-tech material especially for exercise but its also very stylish. 


So if you are thinking about going for a run or taking a yoga class, go and get kitted out at Lululemon and maybe just maybe, next year join in with the marathon madness!

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