Disney Haute Couture

Disney Haute Couture

Traditionally Disney princesses are wholesome girls, drawn with curves and natural beauty.

That was until  artist Guillermo Garcoa Prince from Mexico decided to make things a bit different. Turning the innocent princesses and villains into haute couture model versions of the famous Disney characters, the new vision has me wanting to play Disney dress up more than ever before!

 I am completely in love with the drawings.

Take a look below at my favorites below! 


-The Evil Queen – Snow White-

 -Madame Gothel – Tangled-               -Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty-

 -Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland-          -Ursula – The Little Mermaid-


 -Belle-                                                             -Aurora-


 -Pocahontas-                                            -Merida-


-Snow White-


Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x


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