Summer Sale Season!!!!!

The Summer Sales 2014

It’s time to sharpen those elbows guy’s and doll’s because the sales season has begun!

The summer sales are an ideal opportunity to invest in some key pieces and wardrobe staples, as well as some more daring pieces that will take you out of your comfort zone!
After all at a discounted price it would rude not to.

 -Screen shot from ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’-

There’s no better feeling than seeing something you’ve been eyeing up through a shop
window being taken down to 30 – 50% off.
The voice in your head whispering – ‘well it’s only £150 but it was £300,
 its sooooo worth it right…..right?!’

The best (most sensible way) to go sale shopping, is to have in your mind or on a list exactly what you want and how much you’re willing to spend on it.
Don’t get me wrong the sales are practically made for the last minute compulsive buys, but if you go with a list your more likely to get something you actually want!

Take a look at my picks!


-Karen Millen-

-Was £115-

-Now £55-

-Zara Man-

-Was £25.99-

-Now £19.99-



-Was £2,250-

-Now £750-


-Charlotte Olympia-

-Was £425.00-

-Now £215-



-Was £69.99-

-Now £ 49.99-

-Men’s Blazer-

-Ted Baker-

-Was £279-

-Now £195-


-Vivienne Westwood-

-Was £815-

-Now £407.50-

 I’ve bought a few pieces already…oops!

After visiting my home town up North, I popped into my all time favourite boutique ‘Think Bubbles’ and picked myself up this super cute summer dress by MinkPink, and these amazing 

70’s inspired Ash shoes. 

All half price, makes Little Miss Winney a very happy lady!

So go! 
Fly my fashion beauties!

Go forth and grab the best bargains you can, because let’s be honest the feeling when you’re walking down the street carrying a handful of shopping bags, its hard not to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!

“You work on commission?
Big mistake

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x


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