Style Spotlight – Sophie

Sophie Gibbs

Sophie Gibbs , 22.
A Musical Theatre student at Italia Conti.
Living in Dalston, London and originally from Guildford.
Lover of Tom Hardy, Theatre, Peanut Butter, Hollyoaks, Burlesque, Dogs, 

Bikram Yoga and Beards (on men…) 

“I couldn’t live without my Red Lipstick, It’s the cherry on the top of every outfit.”

 -‘Style Spotlight’ victim #2-

Having only met Sophie once at a mutual friend’s birthday, I was immediately 

drawn to her amazing style.

Her vintage look caught my eye straight away.

I adore vintage clothes and Sophie put’s them together so well I just had to feature her on my blog!

“My style is most definitely vintage, its very influenced by rockabilly and pin up fashions combined with my love for colour and patterns.” 

1950s Floral Dress – Snoopers Paradise, Brighton

Red Velvet Shoes – Office

“Opening my mind to the world of vintage has massively shaped who I am, and I thank the intelligent individual who prompted and gave me the confidence to be who I wanted to be.”

Dress – eBay 

(80s style based on 50s)

Phase Eight label

“If I were an accessory I would be a headscarf, hopefully perfectly tied in a bow. I’ve got endless headscarfs at home and they epitomise the 50s style as well as the colours and patterns that I love.”

80’s Jumpsuit – Broadway market, London

1940s  Handbag – eBay

“My first inspiration would have been my sister. When I was younger and she was a crazy art student in Brighton I always admired her innovative and original style . She taught me how to dress for my shape and what colours to wear to compliment my pale complexion and dark hair.
I’m also very inspired by Paloma Faith and Dita von teese and their creative, glamorous and adventurous fashions.”

-Sophie (right) and her sister Hayley (left)-

-Fashionista’s from a young age-

1940s Tea Dress – Rokit, Covent Garden

Belt – Camden Market

Melissa Shoes (strawberry scented) – eBay

“The 1950s is my favourite era. Grease was my favourite show and film as a child, so perhaps thats where it all began. I love the music, the waists, the lipstick, the hair and of course the gorgeous dresses. Bettie Page is undoubtedly to vintage icon for this look so she deserves a mention, and Snow White, she’s an Icon I love to be compared to.”

1950s Silk Dress – Beyond Retro, Brighton

“I simply wouldn’t cope without Ebay. Its like having a giant vintage store just at your fingertips without having to rummage through all the rails. I often have a very clear image in my head of exactly what I want and it enables me to search and find it for a very reasonable price. However bidding on endless vintage dresses can become an addiction and it can also be a gamble, for every incredible find you get you also get a dress made of felt or one that I can only get one leg in; but its definitely worth the risk.”

1980s Dress (designed with a 1950s pattern) – eBay

Handmade floral head piece – Hayley Gibbs (Sophie’s sister)

Bow waist belt – eBay

Leopard print heels – New Look

“My tips for anyone wanting a vintage look would be to invest time in the hunt, its not for the quick careless shopper, be prepared to rummage the charity shops and trawl through ebay, it’ll be worth it.
And be brave, experiment and step out your comfort zone, what have you got to lose ?!”

1950s Headscarf – Trade, Dalston 

1960s Red Cardy – My grandmas wardrobe clearout

Backpack – eBay

“I think that what everyone wears is a costume, a costume for their character of how the feel that day, who they are and how they want to be seen by the world. Of course subconsciously by some but consciously by others, everything we wear says something.Therefore I want to present and express who I am as best I can, as well as being an artist with my style I aim to show a reflection of me Ugg boots and Jack Wills.I think its so important that everyone has the confidence to express themselves in however they truly want, even if that does mean wearing Ugg boots and Jack Wills.”

A huge thank you to Sophie! 

An amazing insight to her wardrobe and style inspirations.

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Men welcome too!!

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x

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