The Savvy Shopper : A How To Guide

Being a savvy shopper isn’t easy. It isn’t a skill we’re born with, it’s a skill that takes time, practice and a whole lot of will power! If like me you were born into a family of ‘sav’s’ then you have the upper hand. To me, it’s almost second nature to bargain hunt, for my mum is the master! Back in the day, whilst dressed head to toe in Biba my mum would stakeout all the fashion boutiques and department stores, carefully observing the sales or saving up to get her hands in the latest ‘It’ dress or accessory. She passed on the secrets of savvy shopping to me and now I to you. 

Know what you want

It’s so easy to go crazy when you hit the shops and although sometimes you can’t help but fall in love with something you totally don’t need, if you’re on a budget why not start a fashion wish-list! List the items of clothing or accessories you need (or think you need) to complete your dream multi-functional wardrobe. Think about the types of events and activities that make up your day to day life. For instance if you have a office job and spend 50% of your time there then 50% of your wardrobe should be suitable for work and so on. 

Know your budget 

When ever I go shopping if I see something I like I’ll decide in my head how much I’d be willing to spend on it. This goes up and down depending on what sort of week I’ve had, how much I’ve already spent etc. When I’ve decided that amount I’ll look at the price tag and decide. I will usually stretch it £10-£20 if Its something I really like. 

Spend on classics – Cheap on trend 

This is probably my most used ‘sav’ tip. Learn the art of mixing high and low price points! A true Savvy Shopper looks for pieces that look expensive without compromising on quality. We in the UK are blessed because the british high-street is one of the greatest in the world! I am a huge advocate of mixing high-end with high-street. If there’s a trend that I’m really into (but know it will realistically only be around for a couple of months) I’ll pop to H&M or Zara, whereas sometimes it is worth saving up for that perfect Investment piece that will take you from one season to the next with effortless ease.

Shop the sales

Oh I do love a good sale! There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you’ve purchased something for half the price! Me and my mum (both sale guru’s) play the ‘how much it was V how much I paid’ game to see who bagged the best bargain! With sales its always good to think ahead, because most of the sale stock is past season think about what you might need for that summer holiday you’ve booked or that winter getaway you need to wrap up for. Another thing to remember is that sales continue for weeks! If you are patient enough and dare to chance it, final sale prices usually go down as far as 75% – 80% off in the last few days, perfect time to take a peek!

Check online 

Many shoppers are missing a trick when it comes to looking for fashion bargains. Asos, Misguided, Very and Littlewoods – Just some of the online superstores the world wide web has to offer. Online stores can offer massive discounts on your favourite high-street and designer brands. If you’ve tried something on in store and know the size and price of the item, its always worth looking online to see if it can be bought at a discount. Also with next day delivery and free returns policy on offer at most online stores, it’s a hassle free way to shop.

Loyalty discount/store cards

If you’ve read any of my previous post’s you’ll know that I love supporting independent fashion boutiques. I grew up around them and have stayed loyal to my favourites back home, because of this when I do visit and spend my £££ I get a friendly 10% loyalty discount. It doesn’t save me crazy amounts but It’s such a nice gesture and makes you feel like a truly valued customer. As far as store cards are concerned some are great and some – not so much. I’m a member with Jaeger, Anthropology and Liberty of London. Each have great discounts, birthday vouchers, member sales and points….(points make prizes) If you spend the majority of your shopping time and money in one shop its worth signing up and getting those little extras!

Brand social media

Instagram junkie? Facebook stalker? Twitter Obsessive? All these could actually come in handy! Lots of brands use their social media accounts to gain custom. Competitions, give-away’s and follower discounts can be found lurking in all corners of the internet. Have a favourite designer/brand? Get following!


Cleanse your wardrobe of clothing that doesn’t fit, is damaged, out-of-fashion or you just don’t wear! If you’re not sure about the clothes you’ve not worn for ages, ask yourself why you haven’t worn it? I find this sooooo hard as I’m a fashion horder but I try, little bits now and then. I separate into three piles, THROW, CHARITY, SELL. Sites like Ebay are a god send when you’ve got a pricey piece you want to sell on, put the money you get from the old towards something you’re saving up for.

So there you go, my top ‘savvy shopper’ tips. I hope you find them useful.

Let me know all of the bargains you’ve recently bagged, I’ll be so proud!

Over and out,

Little Miss winney x