HAIR – My Fashion Blogger TV Debut

Well now the episode has aired I can finally write a blog all about my TV debut as Little Miss Winney! 

Back in February I got a call from the producers at BBC asking if I’d be interested in filming for series 2 of ‘Hair.’ 

As you may have guessed…I said yes!

So a few days later I popped on my playsuit, did my makeup and hopped on the tube to central London. I arrived at a cafe close to where the filming was taking place and met the production crew, along with the other five lovely fashion and beauty bloggers that would be filming long side me. 

We had coffee, chatted, and got our microphones fitted and off we went.

The filming took place at the prestigious BAFTA headquarters in Piccadilly Circus. 

As soon as we got in we were briefed and told who our stylist would be. 

A quick touch up in makeup and we were let loose to walk on set and start filming the episode.

The contestants each had one hour to style our hair in a style we had chosen ourselfs using only our explanations and verbal examples to guide them. 

I asked for ‘Jessica Rabbit Waves’ a sort of old hollywood style.

My stylist was Rebecca, a mum of three and part-time hair trainee. She was very nervous at first but I can honestly say she was the loveliest person and we hit it off straight away! Adamant to give me exactly what I wanted we talked for the first ten minutes of the challenge, discussing texture, style and inspiration. Not one hair was touched, something the judges took note of and applauded. Its exactly what I look out for in a great stylist, not someone who goes off on a tangent and does what they feel is right, she did it way I had asked and we chatted throughout and exchanged opinions, altering here and there.

As the hour came to a close presenter – Katherine Ryan shouted to ‘Step away from the hair!’ It was done, nothing more could be pinned, tucked, curled or sprayed, It was judging time.

The expert judges, Denise McAdam  Alain Pichon then bought each blogger and stylist forward for critique. Denise was very impressed with Rebecca’s work and other than the odd pointer and tip was over-all happy with the outcome, as was I!

After we wrapped in the salon we were driven off to London Fashion Week’s On/Off party held at the famous Cuckoo Club. 

There we were interviewed and pictured whilst enjoying the fashion show the music and the odd cocktail or two.

I had a fabulous time and met some great people. 


Jumpsuit – Anthropologie

Bag – Stella McCartney

Shoes – Next

Belt – H&M

Ring – Topshop

If you fancy watching the episode click here!

And… can follow my lovely stylist Rebecca at @beezhairstyles

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x



  1. Nina JC
    July 26, 2015 / 7:05 pm

    Ahh I watched this episode! Thought your hair looked lovely

  2. Kate Winney
    July 27, 2015 / 2:03 pm

    Thanks Luna! Yes I was extremely happy with how mine turned out…phew! x