Beauty Review: Sukin – Australian Natural Skincare

Formulated in Australia, Sukin is a natural beauty brand offering a range of luxurious yet affordable products crafted using ingredients that are the best nature has to offer. Sukin focuses on perfecting formulas that contain active botanicals and essential oils carefully selected to restore the natural vitality and radiance of the skin. From foaming cleansers to antioxidant eye serums, moisture rich body creams to hydrating face oils, protein rich haircare to intense firming serums, Sukin has a range to suit your skin head to toe, whatever your age!

The first Sukin product I got my hands on was the facial moisturiser, It provides fast absorbing, deeply penetrating hydration that softens and soothes skin. Its a super lightweight cream which combines a delicate infusion of aloe vera, horsetail, nettle and burdock to soothe with skin healing rose hip, wheat germ, jojoba and avocado oil. After using it for a few weeks my skin is glowing! I put it on each morning after I shower and each night before bed. 

Next up was the Sukin antioxidant eye serum. I’ve always been quite delicate around the eye area and so I’m very picky with what eye serums I use. I found this one to be really soothing, gentle and not too heavy. It made my tired eyes come to life in the morning. Using soothing aloe vera, cucumber and burdock providing the perfect blend of plant proteins to offer deep rehydration to the eye area.

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