Ethical Collection presents – Cuero & Mør

Carrying my pennies and pounds in style this week with this adorable powder pink leather coin purse by Cuero & Mør. Cuero & Mør is a multidisciplinary design studio that concentrates on design, creativity, and handcrafted minimalist luxury accessories. based in Los Angeles, they meld these three loves using one of the most beautiful and sincere materials in the world – leather. The brands namesake comes from Cuero, the Spanish word for leather and Mør, the Danish word for well done, which defines the care and importance that they put into designing and creating their products.

I’m a huge fan of leather accessories, the smell, the feel, the way the material changes with age. This little pouch is the perfect size to fit in all your daily bits and bobs without having to dive into your handbag each time you need to find your oyster card!

I found out about Cuero & Mør via the wonderful ladies at Ethical Collection. An online fashion store and website bringing beautiful items and talented artisans and designers from all corners of the globe to new markets, whilst supporting sustainable projects and protecting the environment.

“Ethical Collection is about sharing talents and ideas, and being inclusive. We are about being transparent and socially responsible, and providing you with a unique shopping experience. Whether your purchase supports small businesses, sustains communities from around the world or protects the environment by using sustainable materials – we want you to know this and share in this with us.

We always strive to ensure our work with the artisans, designers and communities help us to achieve our goals:

    – Increase the well-being of communities; collaborating with fair-trade suppliers and supporting small business expansion internationally
    – Minimizing negative environmental impact; trading products produced with eco-friendly materials (recycled or organic)
    –  Keeping our packaging down to a minimum. 90% of our packaging is recycled, which in turn means it, can be recycled. As well as our designers creating a positive impact, we must to continue to do this in the rest of our business.”

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x