The Lipstick Diaries – Nyx Cosmetics Butter Lipstick

Nyx Cosmetics is one of those brands that just keeps on giving!
I’m always surprised by the high quality of the products considering the affordable prices they are sold at. 

My latest purchase was one of their Butter Lipsticks. With 22 shades to choose from, I went for ‘Pops Explosif.’ 
I’d describe it as a hybrid, a cross between a balm and a lipstick. It has the pigment of a lippy but the texture of a balm, giving your lips some serious hydration. It glides on super smooth and lasts for a good couple of hours before you need to re-apply. 

For me this combination lipstick is perfect. In the colder months my lips tend to get dry and so I’m constantly covering then with lip balm to keep them moisturised, with the lip butter I can do that whilst still supporting a strong colour, without which I’d feel naked!

At £5.50 I think I’ll be bagging all 22 shades before to long!

Over and out,
Little Miss Winney x