Easter Treats With Divine Chocolate

Oh Easter, how I adore you. A four day weekend and the excuse to eat as much chocolate as humanly possible and as a self confessed chocoholic that literally means chocolate is eaten for breakfast, dinner and tea! This year I’m heading home back to Grimsby to spend it with my Mum and so I wanted to get her something yummy to tuck into come Easter Sunday. Now as a family we’ve always gone a bit overboard with Easter and end up buying an obscene amount of chocolate of all different shapes, sizes and flavours. This year though, I’ve decided less is more (although it’s still quite a lot) and quality over quantity. I wanted to buy some really good chocolate, so off I popped to Divine to see what they had to offer. I was lucky enough to receive a hamper of treats courtesy of Divine prior to making my decision, so whilst looking to see what my Mum might like I had a chocolate feast for one…obvs.

Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 44% owned by cocoa farmers. While Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry. In autumn 1998, Divine, the first ever farmer-owned Fairtrade chocolate bar aimed at the mass market was launched onto the UK confectionery market. In an exciting new business model, the co-operative of cocoa farmers in Ghana own shares in the company making the chocolate bar. 

Divine Dark Chocolate With Almonds & Raisins
‘Dark rich velvety chocolate with chopped almonds and juicy raisins.’Now I don’t often opt for dark chocolate, I’m not sure why as I do like it but usually milk or white chocolate just ends up being the winner. This bar is actually really good, sometimes I find dark chocolate a tad to bitter for my tastes but this one is just right. The raisins and almonds both chopped add a nice crunch and tang to the bar. I won’t lie, I practically inhaled it then had to stop myself from finishing it to quickly take some photographs. A definite for any dark chocolate lover or if like me it wouldn’t be your usual choice its worth a try, I been covered!

Divine Mini Milk Eggs
‘Divine Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs, a must for Easter egg hunts or perfect for sharing with friends.’

These milk chocolate solid eggs didn’t last long I tell ya! They are so moreish its unreal. They’re a brilliant addition to any easter gift and as far as no-frills milk chocolate goes, this one’s a favourite.The milk chocolate melts in your mouth and they are just the right size. They also look super cute wrapped in their golden foil…love!

Divine Rasberry Dark Chocolate Egg

‘A thick chocolate shell made with velvety rich Divine dark chocolate, studded with tangy raspberries.’

Another dark chocolate combo however this time with added raspberries. It’s a great combination with the raspberries adding a touch of sour to the bitter dark chocolate. I don’t know why but in general I find I always enjoy chocolate more when its in the form of an Easter egg, call me crazy but its true! The chunks of raspberries in this one are small and evenly dispersed throughout the egg, it made for a very tasty treat and got a big thumbs up from me.

Divine Toffee & Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Egg

‘A creamy milk chocolate shell studded with the sweet crunch of toffee pieces and the contrasting tang of sea salt flakes.’

All hail and bow down….this was by far my favourite of the chocolates sent. Just writing about it I’m drooling. The milk chocolate mixed in with sweetness of the toffee and then that salty crunch on top of that gahhh…it truly is divine! Go….go now, buy one and experience true chocolatey bliss.

Do you have a favourite Easter treat? If you have any choccie recommendations – I wanna know, so either leave me a comment here or find me on social media!

Kate x