Finding your workout style

When it comes to exercise, for me it’s all or nothing. I’m the type that’s either in the gym 5 times a week mixing strength and cardio training and feeling amazing whilst those endorphins pump around my body or…. I give up all together, can’t get into the swing of things and am lucky to pay a visit once every two weeks.
This happens to me a lot! I go through different stages of motivation and it is so annoying! I know full well that exercise make me feel better, it gives me a real boost both in health and confidence and yet often the thought of getting out of bed and putting my trainers on is a killer. However when I do eventually get my act together and climb onto the spinning bike or wrap my hands in preparation for my boxing class I know it’ll be worth it. The truth is, once I’m actually there in the middle of the class and sweating my butt off – I LOVE it! The key is to find a work out that suits you, not everyone is a ‘gym’ person some prefer to swim, others to cycle or run. For me the gym itself never worked, I grew up in dance lessons, always having a teacher to push me and so I tend to take a mixture of classes rather than going solo on the gym floor.
Recently I’ve attempted to start running. Now anyone who knows me will know that running has always been a tricky one for me. Don’t ask why but I’ve just never been able to do it, I’ve tried time and time again but when ever I head off for a run around the block, one minute in and I’m panting!
As part of my ‘new year new me’ cliche however I decided it was high time I took this challenge on and really focus on improving my running technique and learning how to manage my breath. To do this (after a tonne of recommendations) I downloaded the BBC ‘Couch to 5K‘ podcast. It is amazing! I’m on phase two currently and the improvement I’ve made so far in just two weeks is amazing, if you fancy going on a run yourself but like me are a bit hesitant, check it out – it’s so helpful and really concentrates on your breathing and breaks the run down into intervals until your body is ready to take on the full 5k.

For me when it comes to dressing for a workout be it in the gym or at the local park or running track, I want my workout attire to be both stylish and durable. When I work out I like to feel like myself and as always, the best version of myself (albeit sweaty.) I find when I feel confident in how I look, it keeps me motivated. Therefore whenever I start a new fitness regime I always like to treat myself to some new active wear. 

My recent find was the JD Williams website. A hub of all things sport and at really good prices. So after having a browse I picked out a couple of Nike items. For me Nike is the mecca of gym wear, the designs are always simple and streamlined and the pieces, good quality and long lasting.

Top c/o – JD Williams, Leggings – c/o – JD Williams

Traniers – ASOS

Photography – Zoe Griffin

As Winter comes to a close and Spring/Summer 2017 is creeping in, I want to up my fitness routine to the next level. without a doubt I always feel better when I do, its just getting back into the routine to begin with that’s the tough part! 

I’m always looking for new classes and fitness events to take part in so if you can suggest any do let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you guys do to keep fit.

Kate x



  1. Anonymous
    February 8, 2017 / 10:51 pm

    I love Nike for workout gear, these leggings are great! Do they come high wasted? X

    • Kate Winney
      March 19, 2018 / 4:41 pm

      Hi lovely, yes they are high wasted and stay up really well (I did the squat test and they didn't budge!) Thanks for reading xx

  2. Betsy Dixon
    February 9, 2017 / 2:36 am

    Great post lovely, I'm terrible at running but I love working out, might try the app. I'm a nike girl too (with some puma thrown in sometimes) Love the top/jacket. Love your blog!

    • Kate Winney
      March 19, 2018 / 4:42 pm

      Hi Bethany, Thanks so much for stopping by! So happy that you're a fan of the blog, glad there's at least one of you haha. I love nike too and the jacket, I literally live in!Kate x

  3. Tamsyn Scott
    February 9, 2017 / 2:41 am

    I did the couch to 5k when in first came out, best thing I ever did! I'm training for my first half marathon at the mo! Good luck with it. Lovr these leggings and the trainers 🙂 xxx

    • Kate Winney
      March 19, 2018 / 4:43 pm

      Hi Tamsyn, I completely agree, so good for start-out runners!Thanks for taking the time to comment!Kate xxx