Hi guys, today’s post is about my trip to beautiful city of Belfast!

Last week I took my mum for a little birthday trip, we were there for three days in total and honestly had the most amazing time. There is just SO much to do!! The city is jam packed with culture and history which is exactly what both mum and I love, so as soon as we touched down off we went to explore.

First up and an historical landmark in it’s own right, we stayed at the Europa Hotel. It was the perfect destination as it’s so central and made everything we wanted to visit within walking distance. 

The overall decor from the lobby to the rooms and suites is elegant and timeless and you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to drinking and dining. From the bistro to the piano bar (my personal favourite) the hotel really does cater for all. They also made my mum feel like a Queen with lot’s of birthday treats along the way which was so lovely. Every member of staff we met was helpful and full of great suggestions as to what to check out whilst visiting the city.

Our room was great, the bed was HUGE! For me as always, I love a good tub and this one came with a rubber ducky so obviously got top marks from me. Food wise, we were well and truly spoilt and dined on a three course meal at the Causerie restaurant which was honestly so delicious, both my mum and I struggled to finish (but totally did haha) before ending the meal with a glass of bubbles… check out the vlog over on Youtube to get a closer look.

So first thing’s first, when I asked people for recommendations everyone and I really do mean every single person I asked said to do the black cab tour. I am so glad we did and it’s my #1 recommendation for anyone planning a visit. We booked with the hotel concierge and got picked up bright and early in the morning. A black cab with our local cabby Lawrence for a private tour of Belfast. 

There are two options with the tour, either the standard touristy landmarks OR (the one we picked) the more ‘real’ Belfast, taking us to the peace wall – which we signed- and to the sites on both sides of the historic ‘troubles.’  My mum remembers it all very well however even though I know of the IRA and the friction between the two sides it was so interesting to be taken around the neighbourhoods, each of which are covered with murals and protest paintings. We’d drive around whilst Lawrence talked us through what happened in each area and then get out to take some pictures and to have a walk around.

Next up we have the first thing I actually booked when we decided to visit Belfast, it is of course the Titanic museum. It was so great and really interactive, full of facts and amazing videos and footage of the ship itself. The ticket also came with a tour of sister ship S.S Nomadic where mum and I both recreated THAT Jack/Rose moment.

To complete our trio of cultural trips we head to the old Crumlin Jail.

Closing it’s doors in 1996 it is now a museum and tourist attraction. We booked onto the walking tour and lived out our Bad Girls fantasy, discovering what life was really like at ‘The Crum’ executions, escapes and all. Again it was another Belfast experience I would very much recommend.

With the museums, tours and attractions covered the other thing you must do in Belfast is simply WALK! We literally just walked around and saw so many amazing hidden streets, next to the Duke of York’s pub was Commerical Court which is full of street art. Other than that head to the famous Crown bar for a pint (or half) of Guinness. Which, turns out – I loved! Whilst in the Crown we met two lovely chaps, Sam and John. We all said cheers and chatted the afternoon away… Everyone in Belfast is so lovely and always up for a chat.

So there we are, a fabulous trip and city break to Belfast. Both myself and my momma had the best time, a huge thank you to the team at the Europa for making our stay so wonderful… where to next?
Be sure to watch the vlog and see even more of what we got up to on our trip.

K x



  1. Becky Peax
    November 9, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    The street art looks so amazing!! Hotel looks fancy too, happy you had a good time.Becky P x

  2. Laura Scott
    November 10, 2017 / 2:54 pm

    These photographs are so lovely! You both look so happy in this photographs. Haven't visited Belfast before but it seems like it's quite an interesting place to explore.This is a gorgeous navy cardigan, I'm in need of some warm Winter wear, it's getting so cold over here in the UK!You look beautiful in this Navy Number Ashley!Laura