Oh hi guys so yeah, no biggie (lies – it was totally a biggie) I went to see the live filming of The X Factor on Sunday with my gorgeous friend and photographer extraordinaire Zoe. We were invited by this year sponsors Just Eat and treated to the swanky VIP lounge to enjoy some bubbles and of course some tasty treats before the filming began. Now if you follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts I’m sure some of you have realised that I bloomin’ love myself some X Factor. It’s just great, I love seeing the journey each contestant makes and it always inspires me to take more chances and always follow my dreams. Anyway, before I go into the show and what actually happens behind the scenes, let’s talk food – one of my fave subjects.

So before we headed to the studio it just felt necessary to get ready and build up the excitement with a takeaway. It was the weekend after all and what’s a weekend without a click onto the Just Eat website to order some grub – am I right?!

I wanted picky foods so went for a massive order from Napoli Pizzeria in North London. It was soooo good, I mean, the amount of food was ridiculous and yet some how I managed to eat it all. From the Pizza itself – a total cheese fest to the loaded potato skins and chicken bites. Once again Just Eat sorted me right out before a night of dancing and cheering at The X Factor.

So now that my foodie fantasy has been shared (oh how I wish I was eating that again RN) it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of what going to The X Factor is actually like. So first off we were greeted and taken up to the VIP lounge for some drinks and nibbles. The room was great, it had a huge X which everyone was taking pictures in front of. There was also pictures of all the judges dotted around which made me almost feel like a nervous auditionee. My favourite bit however was the photograph wall where you could strike a pose and even grab a microphone and give your best Leona Lewis impression… I was LIVING and convinced I was about to win the public vote.

The filming of the show itself is so interesting, seeing it all happening, all the set changes and set ups. The studio is amazing, so so cool and full of lights, cameras, lasers and crew running up and down making sure everything is perfect. It’s just so interesting to watch what actually goes into making the live shows work. The judges were all really nice, taking selfies and chatting to the audience in some of the breaks. I have a soft spot for Simon and he was a s fabulous as ever, when one women shouted out “We love you Simon” he cooly responded with “I know” in typical Simon fashion. 

As for the contestants, we saw the Girls and the Boys perform on the Sunday as the Saturday show had the Groups and the Overs, they were all so good. Like, I was actually amazed how amazing each of them were. Seeing them live is a completely different experience to seeing them on TV. My highlight of the night had to be Rai-Elle, her version of ‘They Won’t Go When I Go’ was stunning, it gave me goosebumps!

We also got to hear Kevin reprise his version of ‘Fast Love’ in the hope of winning the Prize Fight which in the end went to Lloyd singing ‘A Different Corner’ beautifully. In between the filming when the adverts were on the audience were singing, playing X Factor quizzes and having 1 Direction dance parties, it really was all go go go. When the show was wrapped and Dermot said his goodbyes and charmed each and every one of us with his cheeky smile we headed back to the VIP lounge for another glass of fizz and a meet and greet with some of the contestants.

I have to admit, I was slightly star-struck when I saw Rak-Su in the lounge, I was ready, happily stood in front of Myles… those eyes though?! I got a picture and a selfie and was well and truly chuffed.

Both myself and Zoe had the best time and I have to say a huge thank you to the Just Eat team for inviting us and for the X Factor team for putting on such a fantastic show. I’m so excited for the next few shows, the final is always a night I spend with my friends and family with a takeaway (I’m thinking Chinese) and our phones at the ready to vote. Eeekkkkk, not long to go! Who’s you favourite?

K x

*This post was kindly sponsored by Just Eat*

Photography by – Zoe Griffin