Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Jumpsuit Super Drug Glasses Leather JacketHello gang, happy Sunday! I can’t believe we’re nine days into September already….where has this year gone?! I don’t want to sound cliche but wowza, it’s gone crazy quick! In all fairness though, I’m quite happy with how the year has gone so far and very excited for lot’s of cool things that are in the pipe line – one of which I will finally be able share with you next week! As for this week however, it’s been lovely. Nothing much to report but I’ve had some great days working at the Mercari office and some other (equally) fabulous days working from home and getting the blog and my Instagram back in action. I feel so inspired by the amazing content I see on Instagram, some from bloggers I know and others from bloggers I just admire from afar but everyone seems to be killing it at the moment and it’s definately given me the kick up the bum I needed.Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Jumpsuit Super Drug Glasses Leather Jacket

I’ve also spent a lot of time reading this week. I’m currently mid-way through ‘Room’ and it’s gripping! I watched the film when it came out a couple of years back and it really stuck with me so I knew I had to get the book and honestly, it’s one of the best books I’ve read. On the flip-side I’ve also been reading Vogue and Blogosphere to get my magazine fix. I find reading to be the perfect escape when my mind gets cluttered and needs some time away from the computer screen. So when I’m not writing, it’s a book with a cup of green tea that sets me right. I’m currently taking new book recommendations so send them my way if you have any goodens. I’m particulary liking self-help books atm along with the usual crime/thriller novels so get thinking! Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Jumpsuit Super Drug Glasses Leather Jacket

I’ve also spent this week (slowly) re-organising my wardrobe. As it’s coming into Autumn and we find ourselves in that werid hot/cold transitional period I wanted to get a head start and have a big clear out and really focus on key pieces that will work throughout the A/W seasons. I plan to get rid of quite a few pieces which I’ll be selling on my Mercari account so keep your eyes peeled if you fancy yourself a bargain. I also plan to do deep clean of the flat this week since being inspired and completely obsessed with @mrshinchhome over on Instagram. If you’re not already hooked, go check her out. It’s the first time I’ve ever actually wanted to AND been excited to clean?! #HinchArmy So earlier on today I went to my local Savers store and picked up lot’s of lovely cleaning products recommended by Mrs Hinch herself… wish me luck!Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Jumpsuit Super Drug Glasses Leather JacketPlaysuit – Primark, Jacket – Zara, Shoes – c/o Boden, Watch – c/o Swatch, Necklace – Daniella Draper, Glasses – c/o Super Drug

Photography – Zoe GriffinLittle Miss Winney Kate Primark Jumpsuit Super Drug Glasses Leather JacketAs for my other goings on this week, it was all very stagey! On that note, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you that messaged me regarding my recent theatre post. I’m so so happy that you enjoyed it and are eager to know more about my life as an actress as well as what drama school was like. Rest assured all these posts are in the works as well as (a highly requested) post about tips and tricks on how to get cheaper theatre tickets. It’s coming, I promise! Anyway, this week I had Grease rehearsals once again and lot’s more drinks with the cast, it’s a hoot and I honestly can’t wait to get it on it’s feet and start the dance rehearsals as we’re currently just getting the vocals and harmonies down. I also had a singing lesson this week to go through my solo and to do some general exercises to keep my voice nice and healthy. Lastly I’ve been fully binging on Youtube videos this week, so many Autumn hauls and travel vlogs – I’m loving them and it’s tempting me to get back on the bandwagon… maybe one day soon, when I can find a few extra hours in the day! So that’s that, I realise it’s not the most exciting week to be sharing with you all but as I’ve said before, these Weekly Roundups are a glimpse into my real life and trust me, it’s not as glamourous as it may seem on Instagram! I hope you’ve all had a good week and here’s to the next!

K x