A Guide to : Journaling, Manifesting and Affirmations

Kate Winney French Connection Dress Affirmations Journaling Manifesting Kate Winney French Connection Dress Affirmations Journaling Manifesting


Hi Guys, so today’s post is very different to my usual ramblings but it’s something I’ve wanted to share and write about for quite some time now. I started journaling last year after watching Youtuber – Jinti Fell talk about it on her channel. It’s something I’d always thought about but found the idea of it a bit too ‘airy-fairy’ for me. However after researching a little bit, I realised that it’s not just for ‘life loving hippies’ and that actually, it can be implemented into my life (and yours) quite easily. So first thing’s first…

Kate Winney French Connection Dress Affirmations Journaling Manifesting


How To Start.

There’s nothing I love more than stationary, and having an excuse to buy yet another notebook had this journaling adventure off to a great start! Treat yourself to something nice, it doesn’t need to be fancy but it’s something you’ll  hopefully be writing in most days so make sure it’s a notebook that makes you want to pick it up. I got myself a lovely pink one with the words “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself” I thought it was the perfect book to begin journaling in! Before I did this however I read loads of blogs and articles, taking a few tips from each on to how to go about journaling and using affirmations to change limiting beliefs etc. I am here to save you a whole lot of time by accumulating  all my various findings into one ‘ultimate guide’ right here. Below you’ll see exactly what is written on the first page of my journal, listing firstly my chosen affirmations and secondly bullet points of the activities I try to write out, speak out and play out everyday. After reading this I’ll go into a bit more detail on how to create your personal affirmations and how to use the power of thought to create your reality.


  • I had the perfect amount of sleep, exactly what I need in order to have a great day.
  • I can easily make a delicious, nutritious meal.
  • I am a magnet for prosperity. Money flows into my life just like the air that I breathe.
  • I am in love and worthy of the love I receive.
  • I enjoy my daily workouts, they fill me with energy.
  • I am worthy and deserving of success in all areas of my life.


  • Write down an honest account of how you feel right now, in the moment.
  • Pivot that towards the positive and focus your attention on what you’re grateful for and the goodness around you.
  • Affirm the positives. Say your affirmations out loud and manifest your goals. Follow this by writing them down.
  • Write down a visualisation. It can be your morning routine, a snippet of the day or a future aspiration you’d like to focus on. Visualise in detail – What are you wearing? Where are you? Who else is there? What are you doing? How do you feel? What do you look like? Write it down and then take a moment, ten minutes or so to to close your eyes and play it all out in your head.


I began journaling last summer, the affirmations above have now changed but I wanted to share them as they were a great starting point and centred around the areas of my life that, at the time I wished to see improvement. Before I get really stuck into it though, I just want to explain what an affirmation is to me.

Kate Winney French Connection Dress Affirmations Journaling Manifesting

What is an Affirmation?

 I think our minds are the most powerful instrument we have, our thoughts and beliefs are something we consciously and subconsciously repeat to ourselves over and over again throughout the day. However, we don’t always realise we are holding onto these thoughts because we live by them without questioning them. Some thoughts are really supportive and positive whereas others are toxic and extremely limiting, leading to that feeling of self-loathing and worthlessness. An affirmation is a way for us to re-write and consciously choose the thoughts that will best support us, at the same time letting go of the negative thoughts that no longer have a place or purpose. Reading that, it may sound simple but it’s not as easy as pulling off a plaster (I wish it were,) it takes time and focus and a real want to change your mindset and undo years of quite often, negative thought patterns.

How to find yours.

When I first started, I wasn’t able to write big, long, detailed affirmations and even now a year on, mine are very short and straight to the point. Finding what works for you is a process but you can start by simply thinking about points of improvement you’d like to make and the areas within your life that you’d like to change up and push into a more open and positive space. Last year I was really struggling with fatigue, constantly feeling tired and drained and never waking up with energy. This was effecting my life in such a negative way as I was constantly sleeping in and repeatedly pressing the snooze button. That’s were the – “I had the perfect amount of sleep, exactly what I need in order to have a great day” affirmation came in. I spoke it outloud each morning when I woke up and then later when journaling would write it down. Other focus points for me were health and fitness, I wanted to stop making excuses and opting for convenience and so I made the affirmations – “I can easily make a delicious, nutritcious meal” and ” I enjoy my daily workouts, they fill me with energy.” Other big areas for me were love and money, although financially I’m steady – I always panic about money and like to save as much as possible. I wanted an affirmation that would help me ease the anxiety I sometimes feel around money however still welcoming it into my life freely – “I am a magnet for prosperity. Money flows into my life just like the air that I breathe.” Lastly, at the time of starting my journaling and affirmations I didn’t love myself and I never truly felt like I was worthy of receiving true love and so I added ” I am in love and worthy of the love I receive.” This helped me open up and allow myself to manifest love, in all forms into my life. These are just a few examples that I hope will give you some inspiration to write your own. Obviously they will change over time depending on where you feel you need to focus your energy but I’d say some sort of statement that affirms worthiness should always be constant – ” I am worthy and deserving of success in all areas of my life.”

Manifest it!

So we’ve spoken about journaling and affirmations and now its all about manifesting. Manifestation comes from all of the above and what we’ve all ready discussed like visualising your dream morning/day/life. It’s about putting that energy out there into the universe. If you’ve read The Secret or done any research into the ‘Law of Attraction’ you’ll know what I’m talking about. If I’m honest I found the Secret a bit much, so I just do my own version. Basically when I want to manifest something, I speak it out into the universe as though it’s already happend. For example, if there’s an audition I really want to be seen for I will say “I’ve just got an audition for… ” as though it’s already a part of my life and schedule. It’s a simple task but it really helps my mood and positivity levels.

Kate Winney French Connection Dress Affirmations Journaling Manifesting

One of the things I was asked a few times over on my Instagram was  how to keep motivated. I’ll be honest, in an ideal world I would do this every day however for me at the moment it’s a few times per week. I took the pressure off and by doing that it allowed me to want to do it as opposed to having to. I didn’t want to see it as a chore, instead I noticed the difference it was making and the clarity it provided and so i began to actively seek out a moment each day to sit down and put aside 15 minutes to devote myself to journaling. You might start at once per week and that’s fine, go at your own pace and enjoy the process.

I’ve never written about this kind of thing before and by no means am I any kind of voice of authority on the subject but I wanted to be honest and share my journey as best I could. Please let me know if you have any questions – I hope this was useful!

K x

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  1. Aissatou S
    October 7, 2019 / 7:10 am

    This was very useful. I write in my journal every day and have for 52 years so far. I collect them. Unlined, tomoe river paper or ivory Hippo Noto, unlined. I collect affirmations and when they resonate with me I write them in my journal, save them to Facebook in order to write them later. I never until reading your suggestions thought of creating my own or consciously manifesting. I will try them both because of what you have written. I write with red bottled ink and fountain pens only. I have a nice collection of both bottled inks and fountain pens to select and use in rotation amongst my journal pages. Using the tools of writing in a journal makes it more fun than a chore. My journal not only keeps my affirmations, observations, feelings and thoughts. I keep my To Accomplish list in my journal. I write my monthly finances in my journal. If I find some fun pages about my astrological sign, colors determining who you are I take the test, read the results, print them out, trim to fit in my journal and glue them on a blank page. Post cards, theater ticket, mementos are kept either between the pages of the date I attended or in a envelope in the back of the cover.

    My journals serve as my confidante for the time until I finish them. It is my friend, my inanimate therapist. My musings, poems, now personal essays are all birthed in the journal kept currently and always have been. They take shape, form until i decide to print them out and give them breath. I have come across somewhere about journaling to name your journal and then it feels like you are writing to a friend who is sharing your journey until the final page. This one’s name is Chloe, the one before this one was named Olivia.( I even enjoy discovering what I will name the latest journal every time). Getting to the end of a journal’s journey with me, I do not write on the final page of my journals, simply say goodbye second to the final page. Bid Adieu and thank the journal for being with me on the journey so far. The last page is kind of like my semi-colon, it promises there is more of the journey to follow. Keep up your great pursuit of discovering and affirming the joys of journaling.

    • Andy Maylor
      March 16, 2022 / 12:49 pm

      So many great ideas for me to start my journaling journey, thank you littlemisswinney, and aissatou!