Malin + Goetz
Skincare Review

Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate WinneyThe Brand

Malin + Goetz was founded in New York in 2004 by Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz (pronounced – gets). They cater for men, women and… dogs! Yes, they do have a doggy shampoo and although I don’t have a puppy myself, I’ve heard that it’s actually really good. Anyway, Malin + Goetz set out to modernise the traditional apothocary to make skincare easy and uncomplicated and to provide simple skincare solutions. Their main selling point is their 2 – step system – 2 products, 2 steps, 2 minutes. Their essentials collection pairs a cleanser and a moistuiser to create the perfect PH balance for your face. They also have an advanced range collection which caters to spefic areas.

The Product

Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney vitamin e cleanserGrapefruit Face Cleanser – (236 ml – £29)

Everyday essential.
Our foaming cleansing gel synthesizes natural grapefruit extract with amino acid-based cleansing agents. Unlike traditionally harsh detergents that can be drying, stripping and irritating, this formula gently and thoroughly purifies and hydrates all skin types, especially sensitive. Rinses residue free, eliminating the need for a toner. Perfect make-up removal (including eye makeup). Natural fragrance and color.

Key ingredients.
• grapefruit extract: known to naturally cleanse.
• amino acids: plant-derived proteins known to soothe and hydrate for thorough cleansing.
• glycerin + sodium PCA: hydrates and moisturizes.

All skin types.
• normal/combination: addresses balance between the t-zone area.
• oily: works to deeply cleanse and purify without drying or stripping skin.
• dry: gently cleanses to hydrate without stripping.

A multi-tasker that removes makeup including eye makeup and rinses free of residue, eliminating the need for a toner.

Lather a dime-size amount in hands and gently massage on wet skin. Rinse clean with water.


My thoughts

I love this product, not only was it the first Malin + Goetz product I tried but its also the first one they ever created! This along with their Vitamin E moisturiser (the perfect partner for this product according to their 2 step system) are still two of the companys best selling products. It’s a gel like formula wish instantly refreshes my skin when I use it. I find my favourite time to use is during my A.M skincare routine as it really helps me wake up and leaves my skin feeling super clean and bouncy. The 236ml bottle lasts ages so the £29 I think, is well justified. I put it onto my skin and massage it round before then adding water to rinse off and drying with a flannel.

Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney face scrubJojoba Face Scrub – (118 ml – £30)

Our easy, multi-tasking cleanser and scrub is formulated for dry skin; while appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive. A rich cream cleansing base of hydrating amino acids effectively purifies while natural jojoba meal and eco-friendly polylactic beads “physically” and gently exfoliate.

Select ingredients.
• cilantro refreshes while calms.
• technologically advanced ecofriendly polylactic beads physically yet gently roll over the surface of the skin to help loosen dead surface cells.
• soothing gentle jojoba meal nourishes and helps exfoliate naturally while reducing irritation.

2-in-1 physical exfoliator and cream cleanser for dry skin; appropriate for all skin types.

Use 2-3 times a week or as a daily cleanser. Gently massage a small amount over damp skin, avoiding eyes. Rinse clean with water.

My thoughts

I use this as an exfoliating cleanser once a week, its perfect for getting a little deeper into pores and a great ‘reset’ for your skin after a long week. I get really clogged pores around my nose area, particulary if I’ve been wearing a lot of make-up. When this happens I’ll cleanse with the Grapefruit Cleanser and then go in with this one as my second, double cleanse. It gets the blood pumping around my face and always provides a good base for the next – moisturising & serum steps.


Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney vitamin e moisturiser

Vitamin E Face Moisturise – (118 ml – £40)

Everyday essential.
Our residue-free moisturizer scientifically synthesizes anti-oxidants vitamins e and b5 and soothing chamomile with absorbent fatty acids. Effectively and gently hydrates and balances all skin types, unlike traditionally greasy pore-clogging oils, for an intensely nourishing treatment, soothing for the most sensitive of skin. Natural fragrance and color. Residue-free.

Key ingredients.
• chamomile fatty acids absorb without residue for calming hydration.
• sodium hyaluronate + panthenol hydrate and nourish.
• vitamin e a known anti-oxidant to help soothe and calm.

This multi-tasking moisturizer is a perfect base for make-up application and as a daily-use, soothing after shave for men.

Apply a dime-size of moisturizer to clean, dry skin.

My thoughts

Along with with the Grapefruit Cleanser this is definitely a favourite of mine. Most moisturisers feel good on the skin but this one feels like magic. It really is instant gratification. You can feel the surge of hydration the moment you put it on and now, after using it every day for just under three months I can tell a huge difference. I use this both morning and night as it gives me such fresh looking skin. I feel like on first glance, £ 40 for 118ml may seem steep but for me it’s definitely money well spent and would be at the top of my recommendations list in regards to a good moisturiser for all skin types.

Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney eye gelRevitalizing Eye Gel – (15 ml – £38)

Rejuvenate tired-looking eyes with this lightweight eye gel. Rice and soy protein amino acids brighten the overall eye area while cooling cucumber extracts soothe dry skin and help alleviate puffiness. The antioxidant-rich blend of marine extracts hydrates and replenishes moisture. The unique gel texture absorbs instantly, nourishing the delicate skin under the eyes and improving the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. A targeted treatment that’s perfect to use day or night.

Select ingredients.

Rice and soy protein amino acids brighten, protect and strengthen delicate under eye area.
Marine extracts (a blend of antioxidant-rich algae) softens and hydrates skin.
Cucumber extract calms and soothes sensitive skin while helping alleviate puffiness.
Diamond powder light reflectors blur imperfections and help improve the appearance of dark circles.
Sodium hyaluronate replenishes moisture.

Ophthalmologist tested.

My thoughts

I’m a sucker an eye cream/gel. Dark circles and tired looking eyes have forever been a problem area for me. I use the Revitalizing Eye Gel during my A.M skincare routine as I feel it absorbs really well and doesn’t create any residue when applying makeup. A little goes a long way, I use the smallest amount each day to dab under my eyes. There’s a feeling of freshness as soon as it hits your skin which in turn makes you feel more awake.  Again I’ve been using this product for just under 3 months and I’m happy to say overall my undereyes do look slightly less dull… yay!


Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney treatment oilRecovery Treatment Oil – (30 ml – £66)

Nine natural oils multitask to help protect from free radical damage and to refresh skin’s appearance. Evening primrose, argan and jojoba oils help to boost hydration, reinforce skin’s moisture barrier, and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Grapeseed and rosehip oils deliver vitamins c + e to improve tone and restore a healthy-looking complexion. Geranium and borage oils help balance skin. This quick-absorbing treatment provides instant hydration to help skin look and feel softer, smoother and brighter.

Select ingredients.
• evening primrose, argan, and jojoba oils soften the appearance of lines and strengthen moisture barrier.
• grapeseed and rosehip oils improve elasticity and protect against free radical damage.
• geranium and borage oils balance the skin.
• avocado and camellia oils condition and soften.

For all skin types.

Apply 5 to 7 drops on clean skin, morning and night. Follow with a facial moisturizer if desired.

My thoughts

So this product I’ve had on my bedside table for around 6 months. It’s a perfect oil to pop on your face just before you go to sleep. It slowly absorbs over night & you wake up with skin that glows! It gives you that youthful dewy skin effect and I’m obsessed! It’s on the pricier side at £66 for a 30ml bottle but if you want something that works while you sleep, then this is for you.

Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney brightning enzyme maskBrightening Enzyme Mask – (60 ml – £48)

Our 5-minute, gel mask brightens combination skin. Multi-tasking for all skin types, including sensitive, this treatment hydrates, deeply cleanses and gently exfoliates dull, dry skin, improving overall tone and texture. Balancing pomegranate and pumpkin enzymes with botanically derived AHA’s, leaving skin softer, smoother.

Key ingredients.
• pomegranate+pumpkin enzyme, powerful antioxidants exfoliate dead skin.
• botanical AHA’s (bilberry, orange, lemon) exfoliate, brightens and moisturizes.
• ginger revitalizes.

5-minute, multi-tasking exfoliating mask for combination skin, including sensitive.

Use 1-3 times a week. Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

My thoughts

Right then, masks have never been my favourite thing (other than sheet masks) as I just find them a bit messy and time consuming, however… when I do give myself the occasional pamper session, this is the mask I reach for. I also use it before any big events or nights out. It gives my skin a really deep cleanse and pulls all the bad bits out leaving my skin feeling amazing. The best bit is –  it does all this in 5 minutes which for me is a godsend! It’s a quick and easy way to restore my skin to its best form, improving clarity and tone.


Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney sulfur paste10% Sulfur Paste – (14 ml – £19)

Our acne treatment synthesizes salicylic acid with 10% active sulfur to effectively dry and medicate pimples. Balanced with organic camphor to help fight impurities, our formula incorporates zinc oxide to aid and help prevent scarring.

Select ingredients.
• active sulfur dries.
• salicylic acid exfoliates.
• organic camphor calms.
• zinc oxide is known to heal.

Do not shake. After cleansing, dip a cotton swab into sediment and apply directly to blemish at bedtime. Do not rub. Leave on overnight for best results. Limit to one application daily as over applying can lead to dryness.

Caution: Using Acne medication in conjunction with this product may increase drying and irritation to the skin. Only one topical acne medication should be used at a time unless directed by a doctor.

My thoughts

Acne treatments are a case to case thing and I’m very aware that everyones skin reacts differently to these kinds of targeted treatments. I’m fortunate to not suffer from acne however I do get very painful, hormonal spots that sit under the skin. I’ve been using this when the spots are starting to appear to encourage them to come out and surface. This treatment quickly dries and fights the redness as well as taking the impurites out which helps the spot heal quicker. It’s also very good at reducing scarring.

Malin and Goetz Skincare Kate Winney

Final Thoughts

I’ve found using the Malin + Goetz products over the last several months a really pleasant experience. I intend to continue using them and would definitely re-purchase a few of my favourites. Namely the Grapefruit Cleanser, Vitamin E Moisturiser and 10% Sulphar Paste, they’re definitely my pick for the ‘Hero Products’ of this brand. The price point is on the higher side although I do truly believe the products are worth it. The science behind each one is finely researched and both Matthew (Malin) and Andrew (Goetz) have a really hands on realationship with their brand which is great to see. I’m intrigued to try a few more of their products so stay tuned in the coming months, I may review some of there hair/body treatments too if that would be of interest? I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I’m planning to talk about skincare much more going forward as it’s something I’m hugely passionate about. If you have any brands you’d like me to try out let me know in the comments below. It’s also worth adding that when it comes to skincare I never give a review on anything unless I’ve tried and tested it for a minimum of 2 months as I believe it takes that amount of time to see how the skin really reacts to it. And of course it goes without saying that everyones skin is different, so what works on mine won’t necessarily work on yours but all I can do is relay what I’ve personally experienced with a product. If you’ve liked this post then please do let me know! I love feedback and I’ve had so many requests for more beauty content so here it is. Come back soon!

K x