A Little Catch Up…

Princelet Street Kate Winney Little Miss Zara Leopard Print Dress Leather Jacket

Hello everyone, how are you? Today is the first time that when I opened my laptop I realised that I have no deadlines or pending articles to write! So it seems like the perfect oppurtunity to have a little catch up and chat because, well – it’s been a while hasn’t it? Recently I’ve been concentrating on more travel related posts with the odd beauty and lifestyle blog thrown in for good measure but it has been a long ol’ time since we just sat down and discussed general life happenings and goings on.

Princelet Street Kate Winney Little Miss Zara Leopard Print Dress Leather Jacket

Remember the good old days when I did my Weekly Roundup’s? I did love doing those but recently, I haven’t had the time to commit to it and also… I’m just not sure I have enough exciting things going on to make a weekly post interesting? I know that by looking at my Instagram and even the blog itself it may seen very busy and glamourous but the reality is, I spend most of my time in my comfies (Nike leggings and an oversized jumper) sitting at my desk or in a cafe working. Right now for instance I’m sat in my local cafe – Charlies in Wood Green. A stones throw away from my apartment and my go-to spot to work. I’ve been coming here for a while now, the staff know my order (flat white and eggs benedict please) and often come and chat to me and help me pick out feature images for the blog… it’s always good to get a second opinion! Right now I’m sat with my coffee, typing away and hoping that this post will turn into something worth reading. I should mention at this point that this post will not be a thought out, well written piece but more a stream of consciousness. So buckle up, we have a lot to cover!

This year seems to have sped by and I find myself trying to squeeze all my new years resolutions into the final four months. Luckily I have always seen September as a fresh start. I don’t think I ever quite grew out of that ‘back to school’ feeling and so with September and Autumn brings a new sense of productivity. I’m not really a summer person so I welcome the colder months and enjoying wrapping myself in cosy knits and creating content whilst sipping on a hot beverage. This year has been a mixed one, hurting my back a few months ago has had a massive effect on my mental health and general well being. Not being able to exercise has meant I’ve gained weight and so my body confidence has hit an all time low however at the same time I feel like it has made me really focus on my headspace. I’ve meditated more and really pushed myself as far as productivity is involved. My days would usually start with a workout in order to catapult my creativity into action and have my endophins pulsing. Without that I’ve needed to create a different method in order to gain that motivation. I’ve definitely fallen back in love with writing, my blog has become a safe space and somewhere I return time and time again. I love that feeling because that’s how it all started. Five years ago I started this blog as a place where I could chat, rant and offer commentary on popular culture. Although the majority of my posts are more informatory nowadays, I still ejnoy writing posts like this one, where I can talk freely with zero agenda.

Princelet Street Kate Winney Little Miss Zara Leopard Print Dress Leather Jacket

Princelet Street Kate Winney Little Miss Zara Leopard Print Dress Leather Jacket

Dress – Zara, Jacket – Zara, Shoes – Converse, Glasses – Rayban

Photography – Zoe Griffin

Princelet Street Kate Winney Little Miss Zara Leopard Print Dress Leather Jacket Princelet Street Kate Winney Little Miss Zara Leopard Print Dress Leather Jacket

My spring and summer was full of love and celebration. The main highlight being getting to watch my big brother marry the love of his life in Paris. Surrounded by all of our friends and family it really was such a special occasion. Following Paris it was trips to York and Brighton to write some travel content focussed on holiday destinations a little closer to home. Coming up in the next few months will see me going a little further afield. I head to Morocco in October followed by a trip to Canada in November! I’m beyond excited for both trips and can’t wait to share my adventure with you guys… more travel guides pending.

In case you don’t know (and I’d like to think you’ll all be shocked by this statement) this is the last year of my 20’s. Yep, I’m 29 and will be turning the big 30 in December. I mean, I’m as suprised as you are! I don’t in anyway whatsoever feel like I’m almost thirty but – here we are, ready to enter a new decade of life… eek! Birthday’s have never really been a big deal for me but I can’t pretend that having thirty being so close isn’t an odd feeling. I thought I’d be dreading it. I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be at this age however I’ve learnt that that’s not a bad thing. I think when we’re younger we have very set goals and targets in our heads. If my twenties have taught me anything it’s that you can throw all those preconceived notions out the window! Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. I’ve stopped putting pressure on things that can’t be rushed. Instead I put my head down and get to work, the results will come when they come. I’ll be writing a post about the things I’ve learnt in my twenties but the truth is I think our entire lives are one big lesson. Did I find myself during my mid twenties? Do I accept who I am unapologetically?… No, that’s all complete bullsh*t no matter what age you are there’s always going to be some sense of ‘WTF am I doing?’ We can pretend we have it together but no matter what our age I’m pretty certain we’re all just scrambling around trying to figure it all out one day at a time. Age is a funny thing, so many social expectancies attached to certain age ‘milestones’ but the moment you cut those strings and stick your fingers up to it you’ll feel a huge sense of freedom. I get asked about marriage, kids and career often. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s a genrational thing. My answer is – I’m happy where I am at the moment and look forward to what the future holds. None of this ‘by the time I am 32 i MUST be at this point’ nonsense – it’s exhausting and ultimately just puts you in a negative headspace if you don’t reach that ‘goal’ and the predetermined time. You do you boo, there’s no right or wrong and everyone’s life is there’s to live and control.

Princelet Street Kate Winney Little Miss Zara Leopard Print Dress Leather Jacket

Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.

At the moment I’m focusing on working for myself and being able to do so remotely 100% of the time (as far as the blog and content creation is involved.) So that no matter where I am in the world I have a source of income. I wish to earn and save more money so that I’m able to live a lifestyle in which I feel comfortable and I want to remain inspired and willing to learn new techniques in order to elevate my content to continuely grow as a creator. I’m lucky to have an amazing support system with the best family, friends and partner a girl could ask for. I surround myself with these people because not only do I love them but I respect them and each and every one of them pushes me to be a better person. The blogging industry can be a very lonely place at times, the same can be said for acting. There’s a whole lot of behind the scenes work that goes into it and I spend countless hours on my own editing and researching for my next project. I’m thankful that I have people who I can call on at any time to give me a little encouragement and to tell me to keep going. I’m in a good place at the minute, I hope this little catch up reflects that. It’s easy to get bogged down in the bad but I truly believe that I’ve reached a point in my life where I have coping mechanisms that allow me to acknowledge and move forward. Positive mental attitude for the win!

I feel like although I’ve written a lot of words in this post I’ve not really said anything at all but allow me, this time to just keep it candid and press publish. I hope you’re all well and I do hope you’ll continue this journey with into me 30’s, it’s been quite the ride hasn’t it?

K x