Easter Bunny Hunny

Happy Easter


Good Friday fish, Easter egg hunts and over indulging on too many chocolate eggs to mention! There’re so many things to love about Easter. But one thing is for sure, the Easter Bunny has never looked so chic!

 -Did someone say Easter bonnet?-

Its hard to erase the memories of the Easter bonnet competitions from my childhood. Stood freezing in a field in the local village, wearing a giant hat full of just about everything you could possibly find to stick onto it, desperately hoping to win the 1st place prize of a giant Easter egg! 

But gone are the days of paper mache and glitter!

 With the likes of Philip Treacy, Jane Taylor and Maison Michel. The traditional Easter hat has taken on a new, more fabulous form.

-Hats by Philip Treacy-

– Lace bunny and mouse ears by Maison Michel-

 -Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen –

-Lara Stone & Kate Moss-

-LOVE Magazine-

Always leading the way in the fashion stakes, Her Majesty The Queen shows Easter Sunday style at its best, wearing an elegant light blue coat with matching hat. Following in her footsteps is the beautiful   Kate – Duchess of Cambridge, wearing a dove white Alexander McQueen coat along with a charcoal Jane Taylor hat.

Whatever Easter means to you whether it family, religion, chocolate, or just a 4 days off work.

 I hope you’ve had a cracking one!

                                   (cracking….get it?)

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x


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