Red Sole Seduction



Christian Louboutin

-Class of 2014-

-Christian Louboutin is presented with an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts diploma from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York


Looking like an excited student in his cap and gown Christian Louboutin, master and designer of the famous of red-soled shoe now possesses an honorary degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology NY.

Also lending his charm to the institute by delivering the college’s commencement speech to the graduates, Louboutin gave words of advice and wisdom to the ambitious crowd. Having started his company in 1991, in the middle of a recession, Louboutin told the students:


“Live your passion” 


 “Be more supple to yourself.”


“There is no such thing as the perfect timing. Listen to your inner timing. Listen to yourself.”


 Louboutins most iconic shoe.

“Named after one of his favourite neighbourhoods in Paris.

With its fine stiletto heel and pointed toe, this celebrated model is a stunning look for business and pleasure alike.”



Louboutin helped bring stilettos back into fashion in the 1990s and 2000s, designing dozens of styles with heel heights of 4.72 inches and higher.

The designer’s professed goal has been to


 “make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as I can.”



Having been drooling over the beautiful shoes since the age of about 15, (wishing whole-heartedly to one day own a pair) I had a quick look at the designers current collection.

A mixture of old and new, classic and modern its hard to narrow the selection down to a few favourites, in fact it’s impossible!

Too many colours, too many textures, designs, straps, buckles.

Too much beauty!

However unless this blog were to be 100 pages long I’ve had to pluck a few out in the hope you will then go on to the website and view the entire collection.


-‘In My City’-

 “This striking T-strap, with eye-catching cut outs and a strong stiletto heel, is the urban woman’s must-have. It provides the perfect pop of colour to any ensemble.”


-‘Fifi Python Faience’-

“Rounded toe, 100mm stiletto heel adds just the perfect amount of allure to a sophisticated silhouette.”




 “Reinvented with a slightly thicker heel to give you an extra boost of confidence and poise. Cloaked in our intoxicating water snake, provides the perfect touch of texture for both day and evening wear.”


Although Louboutin is generally associated with his red-bottom high heel shoes, he does offer a wide range of flat shoes, loafers, trainers, brogues and men’s footwear and not forgetting bags and small leather goods..

-‘Louis woman strass’-
 “Luxurious sneakers adorned with gleaming rose antic crystals, don’t be surprised if people stare at your dazzling footwear.” 


“For the man who understands the language of luxury.

Strong silhouette and buckle detail.”





So if this post has got you shoes senses tingling take an look at the website and plan the ways you can blow your next pay check!

Over and out,


Little Miss Winney x



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