Tezenis – Feeling Funky, Feeling Good!

So recently I decided it was time to look after my self a bit more and concentrate on the inside as well as the out, my first step was joining a gym. If I’m honest I find the gym a bit boring….sorry gym bunnies! So I only do classes, my favourites being spinning, dance aerobics, pure tone and boot-camp.

Now even though I love my fashion and beauty products, when it comes to the gym I’m there to work! That means no makeup, no hair products and just wearing my comfortable gym sweats and trainers. 

As a gym newbie my workout wardrobe is, shall we say….lacking. 

That is until Tezenis sent me my very own personalised basketball top – Eek!

I’ve slowly managed to get myself into a pattern, when I have a day off I go to a morning/afternoon class and then follow it by heading to the shops to buy myself some good grub for a post workout lunch.

After a few months I have started to feel and see results and its given me much more energy! 

Even though I’ll admit, getting to the gym is a real task – when I’m there I love it.

As far as food and drink go I’m terrible and I am desperatley trying to improve, I’m kind of a can’t cook/won’t cook person. I love my food but I just like it to be ready and good to go. 

I have been making a concious effort however to eat less processed food and go for all fresh ingrediants. 

Drinking wise I used to be awful but now I’m never seen without a water bottle! 

I’ve also taken to trying every new ‘health juice’ there is on offer.

Now all this being said I’m a sucker for a cocktail and a bar (or two) of chocolate and I will never give them up! 
What’s life without a little treat once in a while!

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x