The Paris Diaries…

Oh Paris, how I love thee!

A few weeks back I went on a little trip to the beautiful city. I went with my mum to visit my big brother who lives out there. Having visited numerous times I’m always happy to discover something new every time I go! 

So mum traveled to London the night before, we packed, we giggled and then in the morning we set off to Kings cross St. Pancras to the catch the eurostar.

Before we boarded the train we stopped by at Searcy’s Champagne bar and treated ourselves to a glass of bucks fizz…or two.  (Click here to read the full blog post.)

After the bubbles we boarded the eurostar, when we got to the station in Paris – gard du nord my brother Paul and his girlfriend Nikki were there waiting with big smiles on their faces! It had been a while since we’d all been together and everyone loves a little family reunion!

We headed straight to their new apartment, not far from the acr de triomphe, changed and had a much needed catch up!

Both Paul and Nikki are dancers, Nikki at the Moulin Rouge and Paul and The Lido. As they headed off to work it was time for mum and I to head out for cocktails at out favourite bar – Vin Oeur!

After numerous Aperol Spritz and a gorgeous sharing board, we walked past the arc and down the champs élysées toward Lido de Paris to see Paul in the show!

(To see the full outfit of the day post click here.)

Bubbles and a show…. what more could a girl ask for?

 My big brother doing his thing!

The show was fabulous and of course my brother was amazing – very proud sister right here!

After the show we had some drinks with a few of Paul’s friends and fellow Lido dancers before heading back to the apartment and going to bed.

The next morning we took a stroll down Avenue Montaigne….shopping time!


Next stop – La galeries Bartoux…

 Pucker Up!

Jardin de l’hôtel salomon de Rothchild.

Later in the afternoon we went to Canal Saint-Martin for a boat ride!

And then off to Parc des buttes-Chaumont for a picnic and more Aperol Spritz in the sun!

Day three saw us visit Ile de la cite…

We then slowly made our way back to the champs, stopping off at various food shops on the way….be prepared for a sweet tooth overload!

The simply amazing chocolate sculptures at Chocolat – Larnicol Mof.

 Macaroons at Christophe Roussel…

And finally cakes at Maison Pou – Gourmet Pâtisserie.

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 After quite literally drooling over all the sweet treats, it was time for dinner before heading to see Nikki perform as principle dancer at the Moulin Rouge!

Silly Siblings!

Nikki (on the right) as principle dancer!

Yet another amazing show and Nikki of course was wonderful!

It really was a lovely little trip with my family, one I wish we could do far more often!

We woke the next day, had one last meal together….

 Then back to London.

Paris it was a pleasure….Au revoir.

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x