Batiste – Dry Shampoo

Photography by – Rebecca Chivers

Hello my lovelies! 
So I wanted to share some of my favourite beauty products with you, from my everyday essentials to my once in a while luxury treats. I thought I’d start with one of my absolute go-too, must have, never without favourites…Batiste dry shampoo!

I’ve been using Batiste for years. Having danced pretty much every day after school growing up, I didn’t want to be washing my hair after every rehearsal so it became a hand bag essential early on and has followed me ever since. 
From a quick spruce-up post gym or to add a little volume before a night on the town, its the perfect hair product for a quick fix. I take it on all of my photo shoots just in case my hair starts looking a bit greasy and limp. A quick spray into the roots not only give your hair a boost but also makes it smell seriously gorgeous! 

I’m sure many of you have tried it before but if you haven’t, do! 
It will soon become something you can’t live without.

Over and out,
Little Miss Winney x