Glasses c/o – Superdrug, Dress – Marks & Spencer, Shirt – Urban Outfitters, Jacket – Zara

Belt – Vintage, Bag – Sandro, Shoes c/o – Little Mistress,

Photography by Timothy Peacock

So as many of you will have noticed, I am a wearer of spectacles.

No, I don’t choose to wear them as a fashion accessory, they actually give me the power of sight!

I’ve been a wearer of glasses since the age of ten. I went through the usual playground taunts of “four-eyes” and “spec-face” and was always referenced as “the girl in the glasses.” Yet it was never something I felt conscious about. Both my Mum and Dad wore glasses (my brother being the only one to be gifted with 20/20 vision) and they always taught me to be confident and embrace my glasses as a part of my personality and style.

When Superdrug announced they were launching their own glasses range, I didn’t know what to expect. Superdrug was where I went to get my beauty essentials and Christmas gift-sets, not my glasses? So I went along to their press preview, I instantly fell in love with the entire collection…but one pair stood out. These round framed, pink dipped frames got me oh so excited! The retail price is £45 which as someone who usually spends £150+ on glasses, I was stunned. Gone are the days of having to spend hundreds of pounds on designer frames, Superdrug have opened my eyes and zoomed in on how fabulous affordable specs can be!

Over and out,

Little Miss Winney x