Our Pre Paris Ritual

A festive trip to Paris you say? Well why not!

As most of you will know I go to Paris quite often as my brother lives out there, however I have never been during christmas/new year. This year my Mum and I decided to go from the 28th-1st covering both my birthday (it was on the 30th FYI) and new year.

Now whenever we visit Paris we tend to do the same ‘pre paris ritual’ each time…so here it is:

First things first…food!

I like to be properly fed before a long journey (I’m aware it’s only two and a half hours but I like to eat ok) so we always opt for a hearty Italian meal pre Eurostar. Just across the road form St Pancras is Prezzo, easy and yummy.

Literally I’m drooling just looking at the pictures. Lasagne is my all time favorite Italian dish so obvs I went ahead and ordered that, with mum going for the pollo (chicken) pasta dish helped along the way with a slice of mozzarella garlic bread. Seriously tasty stuff.

After filling our tums, it was time to head back to the station which I must say looks so so beautiful at christmas time. Check out the amazing Disney Christmas tree!

Having gazed in awe of the tree for at least ten minutes it was time to go to our favourite pre Paris place…the champagne bar of course!

I do love a good glass of bubbly, as does Mum. So as we toasted to a fabulous trip we sipped our champagne whilst looking over the balcony seeing all the comings and goings of St Pancras station at Christmas time, it was all very ‘Love Actually.’

Having finished the final drops of Champagne it was time to head back downstairs and check in. Paris here we come…I’ll be writing several posts in the next few days all about my time there.

Over and out,
Little Miss Winney x