Restaurant Review : MI + ME

Situated on the upper concourse of St. Pancras International Station, MI + ME is named in homage of the Milk and Meat carriages that were first used by railways in the Victorian era to transport fresh produce speedily to the city.

The seating is casual and low key with the hotel and station providing a beautiful view. A small yet satisfying menu promising the best of British produce, with foods ranging from beef brisket to mac and cheese.

Whilst browsing the menu and debating over which dishes to try, we ordered our drinks. 2 x gin and tonic cocktails (which are bottled in house each day) £5.50.

For our starter we decided to have one of MI+ME‘s specialities – a meat and cheese board tailored to your personal preference. We went for the ‘2 cured meat and 2 cheese board’ £15. With help and recommendation from the head waiter Serhan we went for…

Cheese – 

Rosary soft, get, hampshire

Elmhirst soft, cow, devon


Meat –

Suffolk chorizo

London culatello ham

This was accompanied by pear jelly, creamy butter, walnuts and freshly baked bread.

Presented on aluminium trays, the selection was excellently picked and put together with each flavour complimenting each other perfectly. The bread was warm to the touch, fresh out of the oven allowing the butter to melt away instantly. Both the meat and the cheese  was delicious and got a big thumbs up!

Now onto the main. A fairly easy choice for us. For Izzy the ‘Beef brisket and cheddar burger with fries’ £11.50 and for me (as I’d previously heard rave reviews) the ‘Classic 3 cheese mac and cheese’ £7. We decided however to do half and half so we could both try each dish. Whilst waiting for the food  to be cooked and giving our belly’s time to rest, we ordered another round of drinks, this time 1x Wu gang chops the tree hefeweisse beer £5 and 1x Cubra Libre cocktail £5.50.

On to round two!
The mains. The burger was cooked to perfection with the cheese melting away on top. The fresh tomato, onions and lettuce – crisp with the garlic aioli soaking its way in to the sesame seed bun.  Our mouths watering, it didn’t take long before the burger was no more but not to worry, it came with a side of thick potato fries…spot on!

The classic Mac and Cheese, having heard rave reviews about it, did not disappoint! Gooey, creamy cheese surrounding the macaroni pasta, finished off with breadcrumbs and baked with a side of grilled garlic thins. The flavour was amazing and the crumbs added a marvellous crunch. It has to be said, its it one of the best mac an cheeses I’ve ever had!

Now you’d think after that amount of food we’d  call it a night and we were so close but…time for pudding!
The lovely head waiter insisted that the apple crumble was one that just had to be tasted. I wouldn’t say it was the hardest of sales pushes, what can I say? We love food! So with a quick nod we decided not to be too glutenous and order one between us.

Served piping hot with a mini glass milk bottle filled with freshly made vanilla custard on the side. The apple crumble lived up to Serhan’s high acclaim. The smell made my mouth water and the tate was a burst of flavour, combining the ripest of apples and cinnamon amongst the crumble. Although at this point fit to burst, we managed to eat our way through the majority. It was a wonderful end to the meal, giving us that little bit of sweet to even things out.

All in all we had a wonderful evening. The food was top notch, the drinks fresh and thirst quenching and the overall ambience and manner the waiting staff delivered was lovely. So whether eating in or taking out I’d definitely recommend MI+ME for a quick lunch, a catchup meal with friends or a pre travel bite. Your belly will be satisfied and your smile beaming.

Kate x



  1. Zauni
    January 31, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    That apple crumble looks delightful (and the fries look divine too)! Seems like a great spot, thanks for sharing it with us. Also, I love your glasses. Such a lovely style!

    • Kate Winney
      February 3, 2016 / 1:14 am

      Thank Zuni! Honestly all of it was so good, I wanna go again soon! x