Sometimes you just have to stop

Just a few more emails, a couple more hours, one last thing…STOP!
I’m currently writing this post in bed. I’ve spent the last week fighting off a real stinker of a cold. Trying to ignore it and attempting to carry on as normal, despite sneezing every two seconds and having barely any voice left.

Then I thought to myself yes, I probably could power through and splutter away at my desk not giving myself a proper chance to get better or, I could listen to what my body is telling me and just stop. Take a pause, take a breath, rest and let myself both mentally and physically recover.

And so from the comfort of my bed (having spent the majority of the weekend here) I’ve been eating soup, drinking hot honey and lemon and not sending a single email and I feel tonnes better for it! 

Sometimes it’s ok to put you first and take a break, listen to your body and do whats healthy. I’m pretty much back to my normal self now and ready to get back to the desk, write some amazing content for you lovelies to read  and tackle my ever-growing inbox….gahhh

Kate x