Loved up and single

Hat – Marc Cain, Jumper – H&M, Trousers – H&M, Shoes – Zara, Watch – Casio, Silver Cuff Bracelet – Petit Bijou

Silver Pull String Bracelet – Monica Vinader

Photography – Rebecca Chivers

Happy Valentines Day you utter beauties!
Single, loved up, whatever, the one thing to always remember is that you are loved….and more than likely you’re loved by a fair few people.

It’s been exactly one year and one week since I returned to the world of singledom (yes, it was the week before valentines…ouch) and this year I’m totally ok with it. I won’t lie, I love being all loved up with a special someone but sometimes you just have to embrace the fact you’re single and get on with it. 

We all have those moments of loneliness and especially when V day is creeping round the corner and you’re constantly bombarded with PDA’s, red roses and giant teddy bears. For me it’s a quick message or call to the bestie to perk me up and get me laughing. There are so many things to love in life, the beautiful surroundings (this photoshoot had me falling in love with London all over again) your family, your friends and the simple fact that you’re alive and kicking. You are literally surrounded by love, even though sometimes you can’t see it.

A lot of my friends are happily coupled off and seeing them makes me beam with happiness. I do believe that fate sometimes helps us to meet our soul mates. We spend our time dating and re-dating, hoping to find someone that suits our personality and that you could really imagine spending your life with. There are so many interesting and unique individuals in the world and perhaps it’s not a case of one and only. Perhaps there are several individuals who would match us perfectly. And spending a few years or a decade with one person, to realise that maybe it is time to move on and find someone else, should not be seen as such an awful and upsetting experience. Your time with that person was incredible, and will never be forgotten, and it shaped who you are today. 

At the moment I’m not sure if I’m ready to ‘put myself out there,’ it’s daunting! But the romantic side of me is absolutely positive there is someone out there for all of us and you’ll find them in the most unexpected of situations and when you do it’s just great. Love is the most wonderful, amazing and incredible feeling. For those of you happily in love, go you, enjoy every second! If like me you’re going alone for now then yay! Love yourself, love your friends and family and simply be loved up with the world around you.

Kate x