‘Our mind is a blue sky. Clouds come & go. We tend to get caught up In the clouds & forget about the blue sky’ – Andy Puddicombe

Photography by – Rebecca Chivers

Whether it’s living in a busy city, deadlines at work or just general life admin breakdowns, sometimes our heads can become a breeding ground for negative thoughts and anxieties. A few weeks a go I found myself unable to focus, my head full of doubt and self deprecation. It came to a point where something just had to give. A friend of mine suggested ‘Headspace‘ a website and app designed to make meditation simple.  Headspace is like your own personal trainer, helping to train your mind and treat your head right. I took the advice and signed up to the free ten day trail. 

We all cope with negativity very differently, living in such a critical world at times can get on top of us, leaving our minds filled with upset, jealousy and hatred. It really is awful. I can honestly say having done the meditation each morning for a week now, I can already see a difference. I choose to do the ten minute programme in the morning, as it puts me in the right frame of mind and sets me up positively for the day ahead. The breathing and focus techniques have hugely improved my ability to focus on tasks and for someone who is practically the queen of procrastination this is a mean feat!

So after taking a step back and realising it was time to do something, along with learning a lot about clarity of the mind and the power of happiness, I’ve also learnt how strong I am; how independent, outgoing and driven I am, things I often forget.

Kate x