Sunday Styling with Toni & Guy

Happy Sunday folks!
After a long working week and often a few to many bevvies on a friday and saturday, there’s nothing I look forward to more than a bit of pampering on a Sunday. Sometimes I go for nails, other times I go for a facial and massage but this Sunday I decided to give my hair some much need TLC. I booked myself into the gorgeous Toni & Guy salon on North Audley street in London for a cut and blow-dry.

The North Audley salon is beautiful, so modern and clean and dare i utter the word…Instagrammable! I was introduced to my stylist for the day, the lovely An Pham and after a quick consultation we got straight to it. Starting with my favourite part of any salon trip, the wash/head massage with the added bonus of massage chairs…yep you heard that right – Utter bliss! The shampoo and conditioner used was from the organic Label M range ‘Orange Blossom’ and my oh my the smell was SRSLY heavenly. After almost falling asleep in the chair, I was done and ready to move on to the next stage of pampering.

I absolutely love having my hair played with (you can see the true joy on my face in the image below…LOL) so on we went to have a quick discussion on what it was I wanted to do to my hair. Nothing drastic – I only wanted the slightest trim, as I am happy with the current length so we decided on a simple tidy up to neaten up the edges and define the blunt cut. I also asked for a braided up do. I adore braids you see and I’m really good at doing them, however annoyingly only on other people. I’ve tried and tried but for some reason I just can’t do braids on my own hair, gutted! So with that in mind I described what I had in mind and off we went.

With my hair being naturally dead straight, I often find creating volume really difficult. So to add volume whilst blowdrying the stylist first added some ‘Create Volume Mouse’ followed by using the ‘Complete Texturising Volume Spray’ throughout the braiding.

Et voilà! 
I was super happen with the service at Toni & Guy North Audley street. Such friendly staff and stylists and a great atmosphere. I’ll definitely be popping back in the next time my hair needs a bit a special attention.

Kate x