Now that my hangover has finally subsided, I thought it time to post about last weekend. 
It was a weekend spent with my best friends and family, surrounded by love, acceptance and most importantly pride!

Yes Manchester Pride 2016, what a weekend you were! 
It’s one of my favourite events of the year. Held over the bank holiday, the four day event is a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms to celebrate who they are and who they love. No matter age, gender, race or sexuality, at pride everyone is welcome.

Both members and supporters of the LGBT+ community grace the gay village surrounding Manchester’s famous Canal street in a huge celebration of culture and community. 
The weekend consists of a parade, (including a float by Manchester’s own Coronation Street) amazing main stage performances, Will Young and Fleur East – two of this years performers and finally concluding with the candlelit vigil to pay respects to those we have lost.

I can not describe how wonderful it is to see people so proud to be who they are, to say (in the words of la cage aux folles) ‘I am what I am’ and if you don’t like it, tough! 
To see banners with the phrases LOVE IS LOVE and  SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY GET OVER IT written on them, it really does fill me with so much happiness. You should never ever pretend to be anyone but yourself. Be proud and be strong! 
If you have the chance to go next year, go go go! Even after 4 days of high alcohol consumption and a hangover you think will be the end of you, it’s totally worth it!

Kate x