Guys! Welcome back and happy Sunday. How quick has this week gone? This year in fact, I’m trying not to panic but HOW is it already April…nearly May, like where the hell did the first quarter of the year go?! Today I’m back for another Weekly Roundup (I hope you’re enjoying them) It’s been lovely for me to sit down each Sunday and just recap everything I’ve been up to. It’s also been quite therapeutic and keeps me motivated to write content each week. Along with this post I also wrote another beauty review on Wednesday so if you’re yet to read it you can find it by clicking this link here and as always if you fancy reading any of my previous Roundups you can find them all here. With that said, let’s get straight to it.

This week was lovely and we finally had some sunshine!! Word has it it’ll be sticking around for the week ahead too, so I have my fingers firmly crossed for that. I’m pretty chuffed that I managed to back into my gym groove this week, I only did three sessions but I feel so much better for it and hope to get back to my standard four sessions a week very soon. I always find it easy in the lighter/warmer months, I’m just more motivated in general when it’s not dull and rainy outside. Monday I did a boot camp class and the other days I did spinning (I’m becoming addicted to spin classes – I love them!) After the gym on Wednesday I was invited to the Wellness Clinic at Harrods to have a treatment with LPG endermologie. It’s  a non invasive, 100% natural – slimming and anti-ageing beauty therapy. Basically it’s a machine that lightly pinches (not painful at all) your skin to remove resistant fat as well as firming the skin and smoothing cellulite. The treatment can be used anywhere on the body but I had the facial treatment. It was fabulous and super relaxing. The wellness clinic itself was so chilled and definitely somewhere I’ll look into going again…any excuse to go to Harrods!

 The rest of my week days were a mix of working from home on my laptop – I’m chuffed to have signed a contract to work with another brand on a really cool campaign… I’ll share more when I can but it’s a brand I’ve wanted to work with for a long time and I can’t wait to shoot all the content! Other than home I’ve worked a couple of days at the Barbican Centre, I even managed to watch The Isle of Dogs (Wes Anderson’s latest film) which I loved! If you haven’t seen it I’d definitely recommend it, it’s really funny. So yes, all in all my week was pretty chilled leading up to the most delightful of weekends. Yesterday I met my besties Lee and Holly for coffee and brunch at Ozone in Old Street. The food was worth the queue, sadly we ate it before I had a chance to take a picture (it was that good) but trust me, the omelette’s are crazy good. After brunch we headed to Kings Cross to meet my momma at the station, she’s been in Paris visiting my brother all week and had a couple of hours before her train home so we grabbed a cocktail (just OJ for me) and caught up. Yes guys, I’m still going alcohol free, it’s been six weeks and I feel great. Mum left and me Lee and Hol headed to Balans in Soho for more drinks and some light bites. I honestly can’t even describe the friendship I have with these two, we just laugh constantly when together and I don’t mean giggles, I big fat belly laughs. I just love when we’re together!

That leaves us with today. Today has been such a classic Sunday, I slept in, I had a long bubble bath and I cooked a gorgeous dinner. I then headed to my favourite local coffee shop and sat with my flat white and lemon drizzle cake, watching the world go by whilst doing some admin and emails. I love days like this, where it’s just so relaxed and yet still fairly productive. I’m now back in my flat, sat on my bed typing away and intend to write another couple of blogs before painting my nails and popping on a face mask. I have a super exciting day tomorrow but I’ll save that for next weeks RoundUp. Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and I hope to see you back here again on Wednesday for my next post. See you soon!

K x