Summer In The City

Credit where credit’s due guys, we are having one GREAT British summertime. Everyone’s just so happy! England are smashing it in the world cup (I’m aware that I’m posting this just before we take on Croatia in semi-finals but I have faith – IT’S COMING HOME!!) as well as football fever taking hold across the nation, my whatsapp groups are going crazy each night between the hours of 9pm-10pm #Loyal #DoBitsSociety yep – in case you’re not on board with the lingo, Love Island has offically got me hooked. I mean, I am SO in! I get fully involved each night and in all honesty, I’m more invested in the villa realtionships than I am my own love life. Which is non-existant at the mo FYI. Livid!

In other news though, this gorgeous weather has meant my holiday wardrobe has been given a new lease of life and I am here for it. I featured this little stunner from Dorothy Perkins on my Instagram (@littlemisswinney) a few weeks back and wow – You guys bloody loved it! I got so many messages about it. I will say it’s been one of my summer staples this year. It’s super flattering, got a gorgeous palm leaf print and is fitted yet still really loose and cool, which is perfect for when the sun is shining. I wanted to feature it in a blog post because I think it’s cute but also because I think it’s somewhat a bold choice to wear in the city. No one would blink an eye if I was seen wearing this at the beach or drinking a cocktail at a seaside bar but for some reason there’s some kind of dissconnect when wearing it in the city. I wanted to find a location for this shoot that both complimented yet opposed the outfit and I reckon I found the perfect spot. The Goldern Lane Estate in Barbican in one of those places that I always end up going back to. I’ve done so many shoots here as each corner looks different to the next and there are so many amazing settings so bloggers – go check it out. But as I walked around in a maxi dress with my flipflops and mirrored RayBans, I couldn’t help but feel completely out of place amongst the city workers in suits and pencil skirts. Saying that though I’m not gonna lie, I still felt fabulous AF! Something about this dress just makes me feel so confident. I’m not really sure why, it just does. It gives me a little boost and I love it. As always Zoe did her thing and we came up with some lovely shots (as always) and I’m proper chuffed with how the post has turned out. For those of you that don’t know as I haven’t actually mentioned it on here yet but there’s been a whole load of changes made to the blog behind the scenes. Not ones that you’ll really notice, althouh hey new logo! But programming bits and bobs that change things my end. I decided a month a go I wanted to switch things up and make the blog more professional going forward. I still want my posts to be chatty and informal as that’s both what I enjoy writing and (what I believe) you guys enjoy reading. I’m really thinking ahead in regards to photoshoots and creating briefs for each one rather than just doing off the cuff outfit shots. Obviously my last post was part of my new ‘Once Upon A Time‘ series and that’s something I’m hugely excited about but as well as that I’ll be doing what I think is better content going forward.’Better content’ meaning photos I personally get excited about creating and writing that I genuinely think you guys will want to read. So yeah, here’s a post, a fashion post predominantly because this dress is just bloody beautiful but also adding that city edge. Also just as an extra little fact and an insight into what goes on behind the scenes, Zoe was literally laid flat on her stomach in the middle of the street in order to get these pictures haha! We do it for gram guys. Also, I had a full audience of builders, security guards and residents the entire time we were shooting. This happens a lot and something I’ve had to get used to but it’s definately something I want to touch on in a future post as I often get questions over on Instgram about having the confidence to pose and shoot pictures in public places. Stay tuned – I’ll be talking about this soon, promise!Dress c/o – Dorothy Perkins, Sunglasses c/o – RayBan, Shoes – Primark

Photography – Zoe Griffin

  So that’s that, I’m speedily pressing Publish on this before heading to the pub to watch the game. I currently have Three Lions playing on repeat and I’m about to get my red and whites on. Who knew I liked football?! Anyway, I hope you all have a splendid week and enjoy the sun as it keeps on shining. Lets send good vibes to the England players and if you’re reading this after tonights game then erm… well this could be awkward! Buy hey, let’s have a good night whatever the outcome yeah? See you on the next post and as always thanks for reading!

EDIT: Well… we didn’t win but the boy’s did us proud nonetheless and what a great match it was! I watched with my friends at a screening being held at our local pub. When we scored that goal in the first five minutes the entire building shook, beer flying everywhere and everyone hugging and cheering. I’m not usually a football supporter but even I can’t deny getting a hit of that world cup fever!

K x