“I always said if I weren’t a fashion designer my other dream job is being a rockstar.”

– Tommy Hilfiger

So first off I want to start this post by saying a huge thank you to my photographer Zoe. I know I’ve been singing her praises in a lot of posts recently but she’s just so blomin’ great, so allow me to fan-girl for a moment if you will. I first met Zoe in late 2016 having seen her photography on Instgaram (@zoegriffinphoto) and messaging her to organise a shoot. Before this all my blog pictures had been taken on my phone by either my friends or my mum, which was fine but as my blog started to grow I decided I wanted more professional imagery and so the search for a photographer began! In all honesty, I thought it would take a bit of trial and error before finding the perfect match but from day one Zoe and I just clicked. We bounced off eachother creatively and she just knew instinctivly what it was I wanted from each photoshoot. Anyway fast forward two years and here we are. Zoe has just graduated (yay!) and she’s smashing life as a full-time photographer already! My style has changed and recently I’ve somewhat shifted the style and layout of my blog, moving away from the bright, pastel pops of colour and into more of a structured – city smart kind of vibe. I had mentioned this briefly to Zoe and she, of course delivered exactly what I had imagined. So with all that said and with the biggest thank you to my right-hand woman, let’s get into this post shall we!

I saw this Tommy Hilfiger rugby jumper in Urban Outfitters a few weeks back and it was love at first sight. In all honesty I’ve never really been a ‘preppy’ kind of dresser and although loving the Hilfiger brand and it’s ethos, it’s one I’ve only watched from afar rather than actually implementing it into my wardrobe. Obviously it’s had it’s celebrity endorsements and collaborations throughout the years with the recent GiGi x TH collection taking the world by storm but for me it’s always been the main man himself that draw’s me to the brand. To me Tommy Hilfiger (the man) always seemed to be this all American guy with a rock and roll edge. Although his preppy style remains at the heart of the brand, there’s this ‘cool’ edge that comes through in every piece of the collection. I felt it as soon as I put on this jumper. Almost like when an actress puts on a costume, I felt like part of the Hilfiger tribe as soon as I saw my reflection in the mirror. I paired it with a red denim skirt and some white trainers along with some transparent framed glasses to complete the look. I felt good, like the cool kid in an American highschool, a far reach from the prefect/head of drama club I was in reality. Zoe and I headed to the Goldern Lane Estate (I mentioned this location in my previous post) this time shooting outside their tennis courts. As I said at the start of this post, I’m somewhat changing the style in which I create my blog posts. I have so many ideas buzzing around my head but as with everything in life, things often take longer to execute than to think of. Rest assured I will be getting back to posting regular, weekly content but please bare with me while I make the odd ajustment behind the scenes. I never want to post for the sake of posting, I want my blogs to be helpful and informative as well as us having general chit-chat. With all that said, I hope you’re enjoying the new imagery as much as am and if you have any deas or requests for future posts then please do let me know! I’m going to be changing up my Instagram soon too @littlemisswinney and maybe (just maybe) getting back on the Youtube train… If only there were more hours in the day!

Top – Tommy Hilfiger via Urban Outfitters, Skirt – Urban Outfitters, Shoes c/o – Boden, Glasses c/o – ASOS

Photography – Zoe Griffin Have a glorious week ahead, I’ve got such a crazy few weeks coming up what with birthdays, hen-do’s – you name it, I’m doing it but I’m excited! Blog wise I’m slowly but surely growing and hopefully improving, I have two shoots coming up with Zo next week so stay ready… lot’s of newness coming up with some pretty special announcements to share along the way. Once again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for stopping by and having a read, be back soon!

K x