Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Dress GlassesWell well well! Long time no speak. I originally started this ‘Weekly Roundup‘ series a few months back and absolutely loved having a little catchup each Sunday but sadly whilst designing the new website (hey btw – do you like?) it kinda got put on the back burner for a while BUT we are back and I couldn’t be happier. Since my last Roundup I feel like so much has happened and there’s been heaps of crazy stuff going on so yeah, settle in, grab a coffee and some snacks (I’d go for the hobnobs tbh) and lets have a quick whizz round of all the key bits and bobs that I’ve not shared with you yet. In all honesty, it’s been that long I’m not quite sure were to start but I gonna go with Ani’s Hen Do. Yep, in November my best friend Annabelle is going to Marry the love of her Life Ste and back in December I was was asked to be Maid of Honour which obviosuly I’m super excited about! A few weeks back we had the Hen do and it was just the best weekend ever, spent with our closest friends and family. I might write a seperate blog post about it as I’ve had a fair few people ask for tips on how to organise a Hen Do so let me know if that would be of interest and i’ll get cracking! Anyway, we headed to the wood lodges at Kenwick Park in Lincolnshire and spent the weekend relaxing at the spa, drinking lots of bubbles and playing a lot of crazy games. It really was perfect and I was so so happy with how it all turned out. I’ve also been working here, there and everywhere during the last couple of months. Barbican, as my standard freelance job but then also doing a little bit of influencer outreach for online market place Mercari which has been great fun. That along with completely re-designing my blog has meant I’ve literally had zero free time but I feel good and now things are starting to finally ease off I’m excited to get back to the regular twice a week blogging. I find it therapeutic and I noticed a huge difference in my mental health and general well being when I don’t give myself time to write and simply sound-off about whatever I fancy, I find my brain gets clogged up and I find it difficult to focus. So yeah, blogging is my safe space and is as much for me as it is for you lovely lot. Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Dress Glasses

Other than work, I also took part in my first 5k Race for Life – which for me was a huge achievement as I find any kind of long-distance running hard. However on that note, I’m still training with my P.T Jay and my sprint times are improving each week. Yay! I’ll be upping my sessions soon as I want to be on top form for Novemeber. Firstly for the wedding and secondly I’ll be doing a show in November as well and want to look and feel my best. I’ll be writing two theatre posts in the coming weeks as it’s something I’m constantly asked about yet something I’ve always kept separate from the blog so rest assured – I’ll be sharing much more of my life as an actress very soon. Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Dress Glasses

One acting ‘thing’ I can share will though is that I’m one of the new Special K girls! You can check out the advert HERE. It was such a fun day and the production team were lovely. The majority of it was all improvised and so I really had no clue what the final product was going to be but I’m really happy with it, I just giggle alot haha. As I’m writing this (currently in bed with a lemsip) I’m getting over a cold. Completely self inflicted. Last weekend was Notting Hill Carnival and quite honestly one of the best weekends ever! I danced in the rain and drank a little too much rum but it was totally worth it. Unfortunately due to the rain it meant getting a huge cold afterwards but hey, when the music starts – you just gotta dance, raining or not. Me along with Yasmin, Ollie and LuLu spent the entire weekend together and it was insane. If you’ve never been to Carnival – GO! It’s unlike anything else and such a fabulous celebration of different cultures. The food, the music, the drinks, it’s one HUGE street party and one I definitely plan on going to again next year. I also got to spend some much needed time with my fam-a-lam this week. Mum came up to stay in London before heading to Paris to see Paul (my big brother) we went for dinner at the Rum Kitchen in Kingly Court. It’s one of my favourite London eateries and has the most insane Caribbean food. We then heading to the Picadilly theatre to see Strictly Ballroom the musical. Now ‘Strictly Ballroom’ is one of my all-time favourite films so i was ridicously excited to see it on stage and was not dissapointed. The actors were so good and re-created the iconic roles perfectly. I’d actually go and see it again as I just loved seeing such a great film performed live on stage and the dancing was, of course top notch! Both Mum and Paul retuned together and we spent this Thursday and Friday just gone together catching up. Sadly its a rarity that the three of us are togther all at once as we all live in different places but it was so lovely. We headed to Carnaby street for some Peruvian tapas and cocktails and then to Kings cross the day after to say our good byes. I love love LOVE my little family so much and even though we may not be together a lot, they are my whole world and I really don’t know what I’d do without them. Little Miss Winney Kate Primark Dress GlassesLittle Miss Winney Kate Primark Dress Glasses




Dress – Primark,

Glasses c/o – RayBan,

Shoes c/o – Boden

Photography – Zoe GriffinLittle Miss Winney Kate Primark Dress GlassesLittle Miss Winney Kate Primark Dress GlassesAnd so for this weekend, it has been the most perfect end to the week. Yesterday saw the first day of rehearsals to the show I’ll be doing in November (head to my Instagram to find out what it is) and I’m happy to say the cast and company are amazing! We went through the music and had a chat about the characters etc. then headed to the pub for a drink…or two. Today I’ve been at Feast Market in West Norward with my girl Izzy T to support out friends Alice and Sam with their new market stall @clobberandsprout and it’s been a delight. I got myself a lovely succulent and a new silk scarf, obviously the weather has turned out to be gorgeous too which is always a bonus. Now I’m on the train back home and plan to quickly post this and then head out for some food and perhaps a cider in the sunshine. I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and I’m chuffed to get back to these weekly catch ups! I’ll be back with another post on Wednesday so keep your eyes peeled, in the meantime though you can keep up with my daily goings on over on the gram @littlemisswinney Thanks for stopping bye once again and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

K x