Skin Regimen
Skincare Review

Skin Regimen Skincare Review Kate Winney Liberty London

The Brand

Skin Regimen is a new addition to my beauty cupboard having been introduced to it just last month. It is extremely rare for me to feature a skincare brand so quickly, as I usually like to test it out for a minimum of two months before I share my thoughts with you guys however, I’ve had such a great experience with it and my skin has really felt the benefits early on so I thought – as Christmas is coming up, I’ll share this post now in case any of you want to add the range to your Christmas list. Skin Regimen is the new skincare brand for urban dwellers, who want to look and feel at their best every day. It’s  for those of us who thrive in today’s fast-paced society yet still want to keep our skin looking healthy and youthful.

/Skin Regimen/ was created by [comfort zone] the skincare division of the family-owned company Davines. Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983, the group is guided by Dr. Davide Bollati, a cosmetic chemist and visionary entrepreneur known for his sustainable approach to beauty.

Skin Regimen Skincare Review Kate Winney Liberty London

The Product

Skin Regimen Skincare Review Kate Winney Liberty London Microalgae Essence Illuminating Lotion

microalgae essence

/energizing illuminating lotion

Highly-concentrated, thirst-quenching and illuminating face lotion to recharge and hydrate the skin, countering the effects of intense lifestyle, stress and dehydration due to heating, air conditioning and traveling.

This illuminating moisturizer is formulated with 7 essential components of the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), an energizing unicellular microalgae and Longevity Complex™, it combines a cooling serum-like texture and a natural rebalancing, reinvigorating aroma for healthy, glowing skin.

{100 ml – £51.00}

My Thoughts

A true skin saviour, if you follow me over on Instagram (@littlemisswinney) you’ll know that I’ve been raving about this product non-stop over the last few weeks. The glow it gives my skin is unreal. I choose to use it both in the morning and in the evening to give my skin a much needed boost, particularly when I’m going makeup free. It’s also great for the winter months to brighten up the skin. If you were to buy just one product from the Skin Regimen collection, this would be my recommendation.

Skin Regimen Skincare Review Kate Winney Liberty London


lift eye cream

/multi-action eye cream

Fast absorbing, multi-active natural eye lift cream formulated with pure Caffeine, Persian Silk Tree extract, St. Paul’s Worth and Longevity Complex™. It addresses the most common eye concerns – such as crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles – while improving the natural eye support structure and glow. It’s light texture makes it ideal for the upper eyelid and to be used by contact lens wearers.

{15 ml – £42.00}

My Thoughts

I love myself a luxury eyecream, my dark under-eyes are a huge hang up of mine and so I’ve tried pretty much everything on the market to brighten and tighten. The Skin Regimen lift eye cream is super refreshing and having been using it in the evening, my eyes definitely seem a little less puffy and more well rested. It’s not my favourite of the collection however it’s still worth a try if you’re an eye-cream fanatic like myself.

Skin Regimen Skincare Review Kate Winney Liberty London

1.0 tea tree booster

/imperfections concentrate

Purifying concentrate with 1% Pure Tea Tree oil, Mandelic Acid and Longevity Complex™. It targets imperfections, shrinks enlarged pores and prevents breakouts – all while helping the complexion to look smoother, cleaner and more even.

{25 ml – £76.00}

My Thoughts

In all honesty, I’ve never really been a huge lover of serums. I’ve tried many and loved few however I’m happy to say I would buy the tea tree booster in bulk if I could. Not only does it really settle and sooth my skin in the evening (particularly if I’ve been wearing makeup during the day) but It’s become somewhat of a night-time ritual for me. After pumping two to three pumps into my palms, I take three deep breaths and inhale the scent, it’s super calming and sets me up really well for a good nights sleep. Another huge bonus to this product is using it as a blemish treatment. Simply apply the booster directly on the areas with pimples and imperfections to aid correction and healing.

Skin Regimen Skincare Review Kate Winney Liberty London Enzymatic powder

enzymatic powder

/exfoliating foaming powder

A transformative powder, that when mixed with water, turns into a creamy, exfoliating foam cleanser for your face. A kinder alternative to harsh chemical solutions, this exfoliating face wash gently removes skin pollutants and dead cells for a brighter, smoother complexion. Formulated with Chlorella and Papaya enzymes to detox and cleanse the skin, and Rice Starch to absorb and remove excess sebum.

{55g – £40.00}

My Thoughts

This was actually the first product I used from the Skin Regimen range and if I’m honest, I was unsure how an exfoliator in powder form would work. I’m happy to report that it’s actually really good and foams pretty much straight away. It’s really good if you live in the city as it gives your skin a really deep clean and rids it of any built up dirt and pollution gathered throughout the day. I only use this once or twice a week but it’s something I’d definitely recommend if you’re going to buy a few different products from the range.

Skin Regimen Skincare Review Kate Winney Liberty London

My Final Thoughts

Over the last few weeks I’ve really become invested with all things Skin Regimen. There’s a few more products from the range that I’m eager to try, namely the cleansing cream, night detox and tripeptide cream. Other than that, as well as being stocked at Liberty they’ve also started offering facials there too so fingers crossed I’ll get to try one of those out soon too… I’ll keep you updated. My hero product (as you’ve probably guessed) is the – microalgae essence /energizing illuminating lotion although I have had a really good reaction to all of the products I’ve tried. It’s definitely a more luxury skincare brand and is set at a higher price point however if you’re willing to invest, you won’t regret it. It’s also worth mentioning  their sustainable packaging, using fully recyclable materials. Overall it’s a brand that should be on every beauty and skincare lovers radar.

K x