Twas The Night Before Christmas…

Kate Winney Vintage Lindybop Dress Christmas St Pancras Stairs London

Merry Christmas to all my wondeful readers. As I write this, I’m sat in front of a roaring fire with the lights from our christmas tree twinkling in the background. I’m already on my third glass of Baileys and will be tucking into our christmas eve cheese board (It’s a tradition) as soon as I hit publish on this post… now that’s what I call christmas!

Wherever you are and whatever you choose to do tomorrow, I hope you have the most wondeful time. For me these few festive filled days are a chance to relax and reset whilst being surrounded by my loved ones. I love this time of year, it’s always been my favourite holiday and I’m glad to be back at home with my mum and my extended family with my boyfriend coming to join us on boxing day. I adore being back home in my little village of Humberston. I grew up here and it’ll be Lloyds first time visiting so I’m beyond excited to give him a little tour and go for lots of countryside walks. I wanted to write a little christmas post as, sometimes I do miss the old days of blogging, were it would be less guides and articles etc. but more of an online diary. I used to love writing daily and sharing my thoughts and goings on, in fact (I’m not sure if you know this) but one of the main reasons I started my blog in the first place was because I used to adore Carrie Bradshaw and had this fantasy in my head of sitting in an apartment, looking out from the window and writing about my life whilst watching the world go by. To this day, I always set my desk up next to a window to try and emulate the sex and the city icon… I’m just waiting for the shoe collection and a monthly column with vogue and i’ll have cracked it!

Kate Winney Vintage Lindybop Dress Christmas St Pancras Stairs London

Kate Winney Vintage Lindybop Dress Christmas St Pancras Stairs London

Anyway, enough with my rambling. I just wanted to pop on to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for always supporting me and as always do comment below or send me an email or message on Instagram (I love reading them!) if there’s anything you’d like me to write or focus on, on the blog. Next year they’ll be more travel, more skin care and a little more of me – posts like this one, were I just chat and hopefully share more of an insight into my everyday life. Before I sign off, a quick mention to my wonderful photographer Zoe who shot these pictures and who is a general angel to work with and also a nod to the most beautiful vintage dress I’ve ever worn. A gift from the lovely team at LindyBop who specialise in vintage and retro stylings. Finally, I hope each and every one of you has a lovely holiday. Merry Christmas.

K x


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  1. makeupmuddle
    February 4, 2020 / 7:57 pm

    Oh wow what a gorgeous outfit! You look amazing. I hope you had a lovely Christmas xo