Merry Christmas!

He came, Santa came!

After weeks off excitement, the big day is finally here and my goodness its been a great one. I’m extra excited as I’m writing this blog post on my brand new Macbook Pro….eek!

Christmas really is my favourite time of year, I just love it and get all warm and fuzzy inside – full of festive spirit.

I’m very lucky and so grateful to have received some beautiful gifts from family and friends.

I’m like a child come christmas morning and run into Mum’s bedroom (stocking in hand) at around 6am eager to start the day. We open our stocking presents in bed then off to the lounge to see ‘if he’s been.’ The rest of the morning is spent unwrapping, drinking bucks fizz and eating breakfast.

Then the main event…CHRISTMAS DINNER!
Literally I start fantasising about christmas dinner from around October. The turkey, the stuffing balls, the pigs in blankets. If I could eat it every day I totally would. My mum is like a machine in the kitchen, cooking up a storm…I set the table. 
A quick Christmas toast and bon appétit.

Complete and utter food coma.
After dinner my Mum and I watch the Queen’s speech and then tend to fall asleep watching a christmas movie.

The evening friends and family come around. Alcohol, games and in our house a lot of singing! 
I hope you have all had the most wonderful, magical Christmas and got anything you wished for. 
From me and mine to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

Over and out,
Little Miss Winney x